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AndreaMcLarty[1]For anyone who has followed race results during the past year they are sure to have noticed a couple of names listed atop the leaderboard, none with more constancy than Andrea McLarty. After picking up nearly as much hardware as possible at the SBAA Awards Banquet in December, Drea’s reputation is well deserved. As you can imagine, Drea had quite a few individual race victories on her way to becoming the overall champ. Find out more about Drea’s life both inside and outside of running below.

Name: Andrea Elise McLarty aka Drea

Age: 31 (2009)

Nicknames: Drea, Dre, Dr. Dre, but I’m a Nurse Practitioner so technically it is incorrect. Once I was repetitively called “Little Missy” um, I didn’t really like that.

Hometown: Kingwood, TX

Employment: Mother of two, Spin Instructor at YMCA, Writer for Touring&Tasting, licensed nurse and nurse practitioner, but I’m not doing that right now.
Family: I am one of five daughters. I married a Canadian. We have a three year old son and 20 month old daughter. Oh and we have a fish, but just one (a new one, I killed the original, sorry).

Other sports, hobbies, interests, etc.: Cycling (I rode for Yale in college), swimming, and I used to do with frequency skiing and rock climbing, but now I just look at the gear.

Most Prized Possession: Well, really it’s all just stuff. I would actually have to say my wedding ring. It keeps getting better and more meaningful every year.

Favorite Food: Sushi and Ice Cream, but sometimes I like Ice Cream and Sushi

Favorite Movie: I don’t have a favorite, but the one I most often quote is the Original Austin Powers. However, that might be tied with quotes from Dumb&Dumber. Good stuff.
Favorite Spectator Sport: Hockey, (I am under obligation to say that).

Car I’d Love to be Driving: Mini Cooper convertible, cobalt blue would be nice. But I will settle for the current Mini Van. It is awesome!

My friends describe me as: To my face they say, “Happy”. Once I was called “Sunny.” I don’t know what they say behind my back. I’ll find out and get back to you.

My trademark expression is: Does an eye roll count?
If money were not a consideration, I would love to:
The things I really want to do money can’t buy, like run faster than anyone else ever, ha!, And sing opera. (Not at the same time). Unfortunately I could be the richest person in the world and those would still not be true. If we’re talking just enough money to not worry about it than life probably wouldn’t change too too much. I’d drink better wine, travel more, would love to buy a house, donate even more than we already do, and you know a maid would be divine. Not like all the time, but once a month, just to get the grime out. I would love to have time to work on my book, or the idea of my book that someday I may or may not write. If we’re talking obscene money then I’d not tell anyone that I had it and go about life as sort of usual, but I’d definitely have a maid or have it made….. Ah-ha.

In the next 5 years, I hope to: Return to nursing, the profession, not the children

In the next 10 years, I hope to: Write my first novel, doesn’t have to get published…just get it down.

Personal accomplishments: Things I am proud of are my two beautiful children, my wonderful husband, my health (it’s a long story, but I’m proud of being healthy), my education, getting my thesis published, placing 12th in Nationals in college cycling, being the race photographer for the Austin Motorola Marathon in 1999, climbing to 18,000 feet, climbing Devil’s Tower, running across the Grand Canyon, being a first responder at 9/11, holding a dying infant for three hours, and learning to forgive, especially myself.

Personal fact that will surprise my friends: I can relax

Favorite Running Shoes: Acics Gel Kayano

Favorite Distance and PR (post collegiate): 10K, 37 min. I actually love the marathon, but I always fall apart.
Best Race and Why:
My best race was actually a disaster. I ran the Dallas White Rock Marathon. I finished in 3:29:50. I trained to finish in 3:10. I was on pace until mile 24. Mile 24 was atop a hill. I felt fantastic climbing this hill. I took my first ever GU at the top. Somebody handed it to me….seemed like a good idea. Plain GU. Tasted like snot. I threw up. I don’t think it had anything to do with it, but my legs locked up and died. My quads refused to go another step. I could not believe it. I kept going with sad pictures from my cheering mother to prove it. Finally the finish line and someone on the loud speaker said, “Cheer them in under 3:30!” I tried to pick it up, but my legs felt locked to the floor. Tears overwhelmed my vision and I just ran. I crossed the line vomiting everywhere and some gentleman shook me saying “You made it under 3:30!” I smiled with puke drool, lovely. But the reason I’m proud of it is because I didn’t quit. Trust me I wanted to, but I have this firm belief that if you quit once it is all too easy to quit or back off the next time. It sucked, or no wait, it blew.

Worst Race and Why: Chicago Marathon 1999. I went out too fast, classic me. I crashed and burned at mile 19. I went from running with semi-elites to finishing with Granny’s on walkers. I ended up with an IV in my arm and my middle finger up at Chicago.

Average Weekly Mileage (last 12 months): 30mpw
Favorite Local Race
: I love Pier to Peak. It’s disgustingly great.

Most Memorable Running Experience: Running in Ecuador. They told me not to, but you know OCD, have to run. I ran back and forth and back and forth in front of the hotel. I got bored. I ran off one way, came back, ran off another way, came back, ran off……..and these dogs started chasing me. I’ve been chased by all sorts of dogs, German Shepards, Rotwiellers, Boxers, I mean, they are scary, but these guys, these little mixed mutts, I could just tell they meant business. I ran my fastest probably ever! I turned and ran, ran, ran down the road and they kept coming. I did my very best psycho killer scream and this little guy jumped up from sleeping in the bed of his truck. He yelled one word at the dogs and they chilled out. I peed my pants. I couldn’t wash them for a couple of weeks of travel. Very memorable.

Favorite Place to Run: Mountain Drive with the stroller. Jesuita Trail without the stroller

Glory Days PR: They haven’t come yet!

Realistic Running Goals for this Year: 10K 36:30; 5K 17:15

Wildly Optimistic Running Goals for this year: 10K 35:59, 5K 16:59
Lifetime Running Goals: Stay healthy so that I can keep on running.

Local Running Heroes & Why: Annie Toth is amazing in her grace and speed. She is also completely humble. Michelle McToldridge is a rock star! The woman runs “whenever” and is so strong, plus she has three kids and is an architect. If that is not a real life Charlie’s Angel, then I don’t know what is! Chrystee Bradley has her head on straight and runs for fun the way most people would only dream about running. The girls got wheels, plus a wonderful attitude.

Personal Training Tips: Love what you do, or you’ll burn out. When you do burn out find something else to love!

Why I Run: To avoid the white coat with straps.

I love runners who: Smile and say “hello!” That’s so nice. When I first moved to the east coast and I went for one of my first runs, I would wave and smile and say “Good morning!” People looked at me like I was about to rob them. Just saying, “howdy.” No, not so much?
I don’t care for runners who: What’s not to love about a runner? Well, if I had to pick one thing….if you hack a loogie and spit without care and it happens to hit my shoe or leg, well, then we have a problem.

Suggestions for local races: Point to Point is so fun.
Suggestions for SBAA: No suggestions, just thank you! This is an amazing running organization, truly unique. Runners here are very blessed (well beyond the obvious).

My views on: Ice cream? More gooey things. Sushi? Less gooey things.

Add Anything: To the ice cream? Yes, cookie dough.

Favorite Quote: Pain is weakness leaving the body
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