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Runner Profile - Geoff Gray

Name: Geoff Gray

Number of years running: 28 

Average number of weekly miles? 20-30

How did you get into running? Got cut from the volleyball team and joined track freshman year of high school (...so I could hang out more with a girl I liked from English class)

Favorite distance and PR? 1 mile. 4:52 on the track in my 40s

Favorite type of running? i.e. trail, road, track. I love track workouts, mainly because you get to cheer your running friends as you pass each other.

Favorite race/run? Why? State Street Dog Mile! Running fast with a 4 legged best friend, hearing the loud cheers in the last 1/4 mile, and seeing the finish for most of the race are so exhilarating. It's also motivating to see fast pros and the runners with prosthetics running before the dog mile wave.


Least favorite race/run? Why? Anything over an hour! Pretty sure my body and brain are tuned for shorter races. I love doing longer races with friends though--shared experiences make for great running stories.

Favorite local race/run? State street mile (for sure), but a lot of love goes out to Nite Moves. An iconic SB experience and a chance to get better over the summer. Plus there's beer!

Tell us about your most memorable run: 2002 Boston marathon (my last year as a Boston resident). All of my PT school classmates were working in the med tent and took some of the best finish line photos!

Goals (realistic): win one more State Street mile with Hank

Goals (wildly optimistic): to not slow down before I turn 50! 

Running hero and why: Bill Bowerman. He left an indescribably big impact on the world of running. Coached amazing athletes, created amazing shoes and clothes to make runners better, and grew the idea of running for fitness (along with Arthur Lydiard). 

Best running tip you want to share: take an "off season" every year. Use that time to stretch, fix nagging injuries, get strong, and do other fun activities. You'll slow down temporarily, but be able to bounce back even faster. 

About you- Family/Occupation: Wife: Dina, Best Friend/Dog: Hank Mardukas. UCSB class of 2000. Owner of Heeluxe shoe testing lab for 11 years.

Other interests/sports you enjoy? Playing drums, surfing, having a post workout beer, and the only thing that gets me to "chill out" on the couch are video games :)

Any causes you care about that you want to share? Rescue dogs are awesome and make for amazing running partners! 

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