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Grand prix

Every year the SBAA organizes, a series of races we call the Grand Prix. We use a complicated process to distill results from many races into one number, and by comparing these numbers we determine a winner — overall and by age-group. At the end of the year in December we have a big party to fete the winners.

The Grand Prix starts anew every year with the Resolution Run 5K on January 1st.

To enter the Grand Prix you must be an SBAA member.  Starting in 2019, your SBAA membership will automatically enroll you in the Grand Prix!

If you run a Grand Prix race before you join SBAA or renew your membership for the year, that race will not be part of your score.

Your age-group for the Grand Prix will be determined by the first race you run once enrolled in the GP. So if you sign up for the GP on New Year’s and are 49 for that race but are 50 by Semana Nautica then 
for GP purposes you will be classed in the 40-49 age-group for the entire year. So, it may be to your advantage not to race until after your birthday.

Not all local races are part of the Grand Prix, those which are will be indicated as such on the calendar.

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