Amanda Nicolato

AmandaNicolato[1]You are a mom who wants to train for a triathlon, but don’t know where to start….no, you want to talk to one of the “survivors” of Ironman Utah 2002 where a competitor drowned in the wild storm waters………wait, you want to meet a woman who loves the Are You Tough Enough Relay so much that she signed up for Nine Trails and did it (in Ojai….remember the fires?)…..oops, you actually have done a fraction of the above and your body is in serious need of professional care from a physical therapist… who you gonna call??? Amanda Nicolato (aka Panda, Aman-duh…….the list goes on).
Amanda is one very talented physical therapist/triathlete/ultrarunner/coach/person…… Just ask any of those who have seen or experienced her talents in action……at Elite Performance where she works, at the SB Triathlon Club Tues night track workouts or the Moms in Motion Saturday workouts, or at a local triathlon, running event, ultra run or the upcoming SB International Marathon……this girl does it all!

Name: Amanda Nicolato
Age: 30 (2009)
Nicknames: Panda, P-town, Manda, Mannie, Aman-duh
Hometown: Monroe Township, NJ (exit 8A off the turnpike)
Employment: Physical Therapist at Elite Performance & Rehabilitation Center
Family: In town…Boyfriend Bob, 2 cats: Buddah and Chico, 3 chickens: Dorothy, Blanche, and Rose. Out of town…mom, dad, bro, sis in law, nephew, aunt, 2 cousins

Other sports, hobbies, interests, etc.: Traveling, Trail Running/Hiking, PaddleBall on the beach, drinking wine
Most Prized Possession: My boyfriend Bob (but he’s not a possession…maybe an asset?)
Favorite Food: Sawmill Pizza from Seaside Heights, NJ
Favorite Movie: Dirty Dancing
Favorite Spectator Sport: Basketball
Car I’d Love to be Driving: Porsche Cayenne Turbo-S

My friends describe me as: Funny, athletic, caring, compassionate, goofy
If money were not a consideration, I would love to: Travel the world in style and live in a beautiful house in SB
In the next 5 years, I hope to: Married? with children?
In the next 10 years, I hope to: Be running/racing faster than I do now
Personal accomplishments: Being a physical therapist at 23. USAT All American Honorable Mention 4 times.

Favorite Running Shoes: Haven’t found my favorite yet…but currently on my feet are Nike Structure Triax
Favorite Distance and PR (post collegiate): Run…Half marathon…1:40ish
Best Race and Why: Catalina Triathlon 2007…Overall female winner…my prize was a $500 watch!
Worst Race and Why: Ironman Utah 2002…5 foot swells in Lake Utah blew all the swim buoys away. My whole family (loud East-coasters) on shore watched a man being pulled from the water after a heart attack/drowning. They saw the chaos in the water and waited in fear for 2 hours by transition for me to pick up my transition bag (signaling that I had made it safely out of the water).
Average Weekly Mileage (last 12 months): 25 miles
Favorite Local Race: R U Tough Enough?!
Most Memorable Running Experience: Bay to Breakers as a birthday suited flamingo
Favorite Place to Run: Carpinteria bluffs, Jesusita trail
Glory Days PR: 63 second 400m

Realistic Running Goals for this Year: Race in the SB International Marathon and qualify for Boston 2010
Wildly Optimistic Running Goals for this year: Run SBI Marathon in 3:30
Lifetime Running Goals: Run 100 mile TMB (Tour du Mont Blanc)
Local Running Heroes & Why: Mike Swan…he’s a machine! Even better, he’s humble, smart, an amazing athlete, and a really great guy. Aaron Gillen…I don’t really know him, but he is amazing to watch on the track. Jamie Allison…she has been racing in tris for 25 years! She is an amazing athlete, mom, business owner, and a great friend.
Personal Training Tips: If you’re not having fun, why do it? We should feel blessed every time we exercise…make the most of it and enjoy! Life is too short!
Why I Run: I run because I can. There was a time that I couldn’t even stand without being in pain. I thought my athletic career was over. It was a miserable time in my life, but I view it now as a blessing in disguise. Because of that injury, I have a new job that I love, I feel stronger than ever, and I have gained a wealth of knowledge in injury prevention and rehabilitation.
I love runners who: Smile and say hi when I run by
I don’t care for runners who: Incessantly talk about their heart rates, training zones, and race performances.
Suggestions for local races: More trail races!
Suggestions for SBAA: Keep up the good work!

Favorite Quote: “Nobody puts baby in the corner”
SBAA Member since: 2009


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