Andrew Maxwell

AndrewMaxwell2009The subject of this month’s Profile is Andrew Maxwell. Many local runners and triathletes remember ten years ago, when Andrew seemed to “show up”. He was a high school kid who had some talent, a seemingly unlimited desire to learn about running, biking and swimming and a remarkable ability to make friends with everyone he met.

He has come a long way, with an impressive collegiate triathlon career at University of Colorado and some great local triathlon (top 3 finishes in both long course and sprint) and running performances (winning 2007 Tough Enough 100K-solo). His 2007 Hawaii Ironman and 2:46 marathon at California International Marathon last December indicate this guy is just getting started.

AMax has a huge local fan base, certainly including his mom Ann and dad Gary, who have followed him with their own podium appearances at the Santa Barbara Triathlon in recent years. Team Maxwell- the best is yet to come!

Name: Andrew Maxwell
Age: 24 (2009)
Nicknames: A-Max and Crash
Hometown: Santa Barbara
Employment: Santa Barbara Running
Family: My mom Ann, dad Gary and sister Caitlin. The most recent addition to the family is my dog Chuck, an eight month old Australian cattle dog. These guys are my biggest fans and most important support crew.
Most Prized Possession: Chuck The Dog (also known as CTD)
Favorite Food: McDonald’s french fries!
Favorite Spectator Sport: Ultimate Fighting Championships

If money were not a consideration, I would love to: Move out to little house on a couple hundred acres in the middle of Idaho or Wyoming and run trails with the dog. I’d fly in friends to do killer training workouts and then come back into civilization a couple of time a year to win races.
Personal accomplishments: I’m probably the toughest person on myself and set my standards for success and personal accomplishment quite high.

Favorite Running Shoes: Teva Footwear
Best Race and Why: 2004 Nine Trials, 2007 Tough Enough-solo, 2007 Hawaii Ironman. These are all moments when I was truly proud of what I had just accomplished.
Worst Race and Why: More than just a race, all of last season flat sucked.
Average Weekly Mileage (last 12 months): Earlier this year I was burnt out, fat and just plain out of shape. Over the past four months though I pulled my act together, got my mileage up to 105 a week and it feels good to be back.
Most Memorable Running Experience: With out a doubt it was Mike Swan’s birthday challenge last year. 40 times by 400 meters on UCSB’s track in the dark. It was Mike, Geoff Gray and myself. Going into the workout I knew how mentally tough Mike was, but Geoff really surprised me, and I gained a great deal of respect for him that night. It was a workout I will never forget.
Favorite Place to Run: There is a secret trail by my house that the dog and I do a lot of runs on.
Glory Days PR: Last month’s 2:46 marathon maybe? I don’t know, this is a great time in my life because I’m really just starting to get a glimpse of what is to come.

Realistic Running Goals for this Year: Everyone knows I said “I want to be the first person to win both the long and short course races in the same weekend at the Santa Barbara Triathlon”. I’m not backing down from that statement.
Wildly Optimistic Running Goals for this year: Those are kept for myself. If I make them happen, you’ll know!
Local Running Heroes & Why: Mike Swan, Mike Smith, Joe DeVreese, Brian Cook, Joe Howell and Jack Bianchi. Really get to know any of these six people and you’ll understand why I regard them so highly and why they’re on this list.
Personal Training Tips: Suck it up. We all have bad days and mornings when we don’t want to get out and train. If you feel good for every workout, then it means your not training hard enough.
Why I Run: There is a good life vibe that you get from running. Why I race is something totally different; I don’t know how to describe that.

I love runners who: Know how to grind out the tough miles in training and races. I think there is something truly admirable about someone who knows how to hang in there and be absolutely miserable but keep pushing the pace.
I don’t care for runners who: Always have an excuse. It seems like certain runners and triathletes always have some reason why they didn’t have the “perfect” race. There is always some excuse why they didn’t go just a little bit faster. Over the past couple of years I’ve found that if you couldn’t hack it, then you couldn’t hack it It doesn’t matter one bit what your excuse is. If you want to see the results, then put in the work and do what takes.
Suggestions for local races: Every year we do the same races in the same places. It’s time for some new energy.

Favorite Quote: A local triathlete turned bike racer once told me that “If you have to be the one to tell someone how well you did at a race then 1. You didn’t do that well and 2. They don’t care.” I think this is true; let your friends and family be the ones to share your accomplishments and leave the boasting for people who don’t realize that they’re talking to someone who doesn’t care.
SBAA Member since: 2001

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