Bad Electrical Fields

Electrical Fields Bad
Heny Lai and Narendra Singh at U. Washingon have established that prolonged low-level exposure to electrical fields damages the DNA in rat brains. Many engineers and scientists have protested that the level of the fields to which people are exposed, even when in a “high-field” activity like using a hair dryer, are so low that the electromagnetic effect should be negligible. Lai and Singh agree, and propose a mechanism involving action on within-cell free iron and consequent free radical effects. Providing rats with specific antioxidents (a vitamin E analog or a nitric oxide synthase inhibitor) blocked the DNA damage effect, substantially confirming their hypothesis.
The mechanism is the same in rat brains and ours; unlike some rat studies, there’s no hesitation in inferring we face the same hazard. What it means: Don’t spend a lot of time standing next to high-powered electrical devices (electric space heaters, microwaves, toasters, hair dryers, cyclotrons), don’t leave the space heater on all night in your bedroom, especially if pregnant. And (SBrunning is now your Mom) – eat your fruits and vegetables. (2/20)

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