Be part of the Historic Race that is uniting runners across America!

Received this email to the SBAA in case folks may be interested…

As you may know, Boston based ENERGYbits® are quickly becoming the fuel of choice for runners. But, not only are runners our focus, they are our friends. This is why we are asking for your help to get the word out about an important and historic running event, June 7 to June 30 called The One Run For Boston This is the FIRST EVER NON-STOP RELAY RACE ACROSS AMERICA and it is raising awareness and money for the One Fund in support of the victims from the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings.

Details: Non-stop relay race,  3,000 miles,  300 stations,  3 weeks, ONE CAUSE.  The race goes from Los Angeles to Boston. to see the exact route through fourteen states. Start date: Friday, June 7 in Los Angeles. Finish date: Sunday June 30th in Boston. Runners sign up for one segment or “stage” – most of which are 10 miles but some are as long as 26 miles and a few are as short as 2 miles. Runners can sign up for one segment individually or sign up as a group. Maybe you can recruit a group on behalf of your race to run a segment? It would be very healing and would help others.

Historic event: Runners from all across the USA are uniting to support those affected by the 2013 Boston Marathon Bombings.We would like to ask for your support to get the word out about the race and to encourage your running community to run!This is an emotional and positive way for the country to unite and show SOLIDARITY and SUPPORT for those who were hurt in the Boston Marathon bombings.  The event is capturing the attention and enthusiastic support of the national media coverage. You don’t want to miss being a part of this.

What to do next?

1. Post information about the race. Learn more at

2. Encourage your runners to register to run and to spread the word to other runners

3. Send out an email or newsletter about the race. Maybe get a group together to run?

4. Cheer the runners on as they pass through YOUR town. Route is at

5. Blog, Tweet the event –lets pull together to get the most grass roots support and media coverage possible. We have images we can send you.  Runners World posted this

6. Contact the organizers if you would like to sponsor the One Run For Boston or support them in other ways. Key contact is Jamie

Runners are still needed for many of the segments of this historic event. Entry fee of $25-$50 goes toward the One Fund. Runners receive a FREE One Run for Boston T shirt and ENERGYbits® samples You can also buy a t-shirt or donate to the cause on their website.

Thank you for supporting the One Run For Boston. This historic event is an opportunity to turn the Boston Marathon disaster into something positive by uniting the running community from coast to coast with something they do best. Run.

Kind regards,

Catharine Arnston

Founder and Chief Executive Officer


Boston, MA

office 617-886-5106

cell 617-642-0782


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