Bill Rupp

Who is Bill Rupp? These words were the lead-off for Bill Rupp’s “From the Editor” column in the March 1993 Santa Barbara Athletic Association Newsletter, shortly after Bill took over as editor of the Newsletter. Under his leadership, the Newsletter has consistently improved. Bill has benerated increased interest, has attracted a number of monthly contributors to the Newsletter (it must be the great pay!) and has made a real effort to maintain a quality publication that is still in keeping with the low-key, “let’s not get too organcized” character of the SBAA.

Bill is a fixture on the local racing circuit, challenging local runners (including his nemesis, the unnamed baby jogger runner) yet always ready with a kind word or two. Bill is an engineer who divides his extra time between running and golf, his other athletic pursuit. He has been a volunteer basketball coach for YMCA youth teams and when he is not racing in a local running event he VOLUNTEERS for the event (More of us should follow his lead.)

When you next see Bill, tell him that you think the SBAA Newsletter is both better and cheaper than Runner’s World. With a little luck he will continue as editor until the year 2000.

Basic Information

Name: Bill Rupp
Age: 38 (1995)
Employment: Engineer, Ferro EMD in Goleta
Family: Mother, sister, brother-in-law and niece live in New Jersey.
Drove to California 13 years ago to visit a friend.
Other Sports/Interests: Golf, reading, gardening

Running Highlights

Favorite Distance & PR: Strawberry Festival 10K, 40:24
Best Race & why: Hope Ranch 7 miles, 1985. Ran with Chip Wessberg the whole way. Hew would speed up, I would catch up, and so on. Passed people I usually didn’t see until the buffet line
Worst Race & why: 1987 Discover Santa Barbara 10K. Pulled away from the 8 year old Garritson girl at the 3 mile mark (Carrie’s younger sister).
Average Weekly Mileage (last 12 months): 17
Favorite Local Race: Chuck’s Beach Run is it. The great prizes, funny emcee, free food, seeing old faces, the run on the beach or the sunbathers on the course? All of the above
Goals (Realistic) for 1995: Run under 19 minutes for 5K, 40 minutes for 10K
Goals (Wildly Optimistic) before Year 2000: Put in enough miles to run a marathon and qualify for Boston
Find replacement for newsletter editor

Additional Information

Why I Run: Fitness, competition, miss it when I don’t. Weight control — I love to eat
My Runner Hero & Why: John Patterson. When I first came to the Santa Barbara area I ran the Sunday Lagoon Fun Runs at UCSB fairly often. John was a regular and one of the faster runners, but he didn’t run very often. One day before the start of the 5 mile run, he came up to me and said he hadn’t run for 32 days. I thought to myself “I got him now.” With a mile to go, he came up to me, said hello, and glided by.
Personal Training Tips Run some hills. My “favorite” hill course is Farren Road. I run a size mile loop. It has some tough hills, few cars and great views.
I love runners who: Say hellow the day after a race who I just met at the race
Suggestions for local races: Don’t let the old races die.
Suggestions for the SBAA: Weekend long runs.
Favorite Book The Moonstone by Wilkie Collins.BillRupp_Vickis2007

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