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Every group needs a bit royalty, don’t you think? For several in the Santa Barbara Running & Racing 3:30-3:45 Marathon “target” (ok, for some of us, “dream”) group, that royalty would be Queen B, aka Brooklyn, aka Brooke Powell. The Queen title is not one she sought out…in fact, she tried to talk us out of it but nope… was intended as a compliment and thus was non negotiable. Brooke has the energy, the laugh/personality and the organizational skills to keep an unruly group under control…..sort of. As her Profile demonstrates, she is one dedicated runner….with marathons her distance of choice. She has run several Bostons (including April, 2011) and is already planning for her next one, number 10, maybe New York City, perhaps Santa Barbara….so many to choose from!

Name: Brooke Powell
Age: 33 (2011)
Nicknames: Brooklyn
Hometown: Santa Barbara
Employment: WMD Asset Management, LLC
Family: I am an only child but grew up with a lot of cousins near by. At the time, it was like having the perfect sibling…we would play until I got tired of him/her and then they went home!! As an adult, however, I really miss having a true sibling. My Mom lives in Atlanta and my Dad lives in SB.
Other sports, hobbies, interests, etc.: It sounds cliché in this context but running is my main interest. I also like to mountain bike but if I had to choose, running is always number one.
Most Prized Possession: My grandmother’s wedding ring
Favorite Food: Almost anything…this is why I need to (LOVE to) run.
Favorite Spectator Sport: Honestly, I love watching my friends run. When I am not racing, I love cheering on my fellow SBRR/SBAA runners…it’s so inspiring!
My friends describe me as: Loyal, funny, down to earth, dedicated, thoughtful, personable, positive
If money were not a consideration, I would love to: Follow the Dave Matthews Band around the world.
In the next 5 years, I hope to: Be happy, healthy, and still laughing…still running too, of course!
In the next 10 years, I hope to: Be happier, healthier, laughing harder and…running faster!
Personal accomplishments: Simply running is an accomplishment since you couldn’t pay me $1,000,000 to run around the gym in high school; UCSB BA in Film Studies with a minor in Black Studies; continuing to learn and progress at my job over the last ten years; never quitting during a marathon even when I could think about nothing else; seeing the Dave Matthews Band in concert over 30 times.
Personal fact that will surprise my friends: I’m really married with 5 kids. Just kidding!
Favorite Running Shoes: I am currently running in the Brooks Ghost 3.
Favorite Distance and PR (post collegiate): Marathon – Eugene 2008 3:29
Best Race and Why: Eugene Marathon 2008. To date, this is the best race of my life. It was one of those days where everything just fell into place and I ran much faster than I ever expected to. It was also where I finally qualified for Boston and to have my Dad there at the finish line is something I will never forget.
Worst Race and Why: San Diego 2007…first BQ attempt and failed miserably. This is where I learned the hard way to leave the expectations at home and just trust in your training.
Average Weekly Mileage (last 12 months): approx 45 miles
Favorite Local Race: SBIM, of course!
Most Memorable Running Experience: Seeing my Dad at mile 23 in Eugene and almost tripping over my feet when I yelled to him that I was going to BQ!
Favorite Place to Run: More Mesa or Ellwood…both are such beautiful places to run and my dog Jaxson can run free.
Realistic Running Goals for this Year: I would love to be as fit as I was in 2008.
Wildly Optimistic Running Goals for this year: To be in BETTER shape than I was in 2008!
Lifetime Running Goals: To always have fun when I runÖ
Local Running Heroes & Why: Claire Krock for her encouragement, laughs and vodka cocktails; Tamara Berndt for her amazing support, dedication and for being as obsessed with running as I am; Tony Borek, Gary Clancy, Rob Olson, Arnie Brier & Joe Howell for blocking the wind and being the best Court a Queen could ask for; Paula Waldman & Chris Latham for making it look easy and always having fun; Kristin Aller for starting this marathon journey with me; all the peeps that run HRT (Hope Ranch Thursdays) and of course the best coaches ever, Rusty Snow and Mike Swan!
Why I Run: So I can eat! Running is easier than working on my self-control issue.
I love runners who: Try as hard as they can, never give up and wave when they pass me!
Suggestions for SBAA: Keep up the good work!!!
SBAA Member since: 2007

By Joe Howell and Gene Deering

Brooke Powell’s Races


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