Chocolate, Testosterone, and Women

Chocolate returns. Also testosterone for women and antioxidents for men. Latest:
Chocolate supresses coughing. (Many members are now thinking, “well, I’m not coughing right now, but preventive medicine is best, so…”)
Chocolate is also associated with increased sexual interest/activity for women
Testosterone supplementation for women is associated with greater interest in and satisfaction with sex. Women naturally produce testosterone, just as men naturally produce estrogen. Principal investigator Angelique Flöter RÃ¥destad worked with women who’d had their ovaries removed; the overaies produce about half a woman’s testosterone. However, her findings most likely generalize. (Taking testosterone is of course against the rules for competitive athletes, but the levels Ms RÃ¥destad was measuring and supplementing to bear almost no relation to those used for competitive advantage by cheating athletes – one See’s candy every other day compared to a ten-pound block of chocolate every morning.)
Low levels of antioxident supplementation for men, but not for women, is associated with lower cancer rates. Why this difference should exist is not known. The study was substantial – 7 1/2 years, over 13 thousand people, so it is not likely to be an artifact of study design. Original research in Archives of Internal Medicine, 22 November. Serge Hercberg, M.D., Ph.D., was the study leader. (11/23)

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