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Specific Records by Gender, Date and Distance SBAA Women | SBAA Men

Below are the known current club records, grouped by sex and distance. If you should be in the lists, e-mail the distance, year, location, and time, and if relevant your age at the time. Click [email protected] to mail results.

The best runs by club members, while club members, are included. These may not be the listed runners’ best times; it only counts while a club member. It doesn’t matter where the run took place, though.

  • One or more National Age-Group Championships have been won by John Brennand, Elaine Campo, Rollie Cavaletto, Teri Fitzgibbons, Dianna Hall, Gregg Horner, Jim Kornell, Gordon McClenathen, Don Truex, George Williams, and Cindi Abrami. Teri also won the Western States 100, probably making her the only person in the world to have won a major 100-miler and a national 1500 meters championship (with her kick, no less). An uncommon double. (Teri appears in the lists as Teri Van Cott.) (If you’ve won one and were left you out, please click above and correct this list.)
  • In 1965 Mike Kimball of the SBAC broke the US record for the one hour run.
  • Rusty Snow, Todd Booth, Steve Harding, Joe Devreese, Mike Swan, Nash Jimenez formed an SBRR team which won 2013 National Cross Country Masters Championship in St. Louis, defending their title from 2012 when Rusty Snow, Eric Forte, Todd Booth, Tim Strand, Joe DeVreese, [Mike Swan, Nash Jimenez, and John Brennand] formed an SBRR team which won the National Cross Country Masters Championship in St. Louis 2012. Rusty finished second place overall in the race.
  • Gary Tuttle, Bill Anderson, John Brennand, James VanManen, Jose Dones, [David LaPierre, Jack Bryan, and Rollie Cavaletto] formed an SBAC (early name for SBAA) team which won the AAU National Championship One Hour Run in 1968 (AAU=Amateur Athletics Union was in charge of running events until it was replaced by TAC (The Athletic Committee) which was later renamed USA Track & Field).
  • Robert Hollister, Elaine Campo, and Mary Ryzner qualified for the Olympic Trails in the marathon. John Brennand ran the Trials the last year it was an open (no qualifying standard) race.
  • In 2001, John won a Bronze at the World Master’s Championships in Brisbane, Australia.
  • In 1980, SBAA won the National Junior Cross Country Championships at Crystal Springs in Belmont, CA, and two of the members qualified to run on the USA IAAF Team in March 1980.  To the best of my memory, the team consisted of:
  • Dan Caprioglio – qualified for IAAF team, Eric Sappenfield – qualified for IAAF team, Ed Callaway, Barasa Thomas – RIP, Bob Brennand, Ken Smith, Russell Beste

Local records. Strictly hearsay. Names and performances added whenever you (or you training partner) calls them in.

Fast couples

  • Permanent #1 would be Gary Tuttle (28-min) and Ruth Vomund (2:42).
  • Next, as close as anyone, Gordon (2:14, 13:55) and Juliette (35-min)
  • Christie. Jim and Elaine Triplett (when they were Jim and Elaine),
  • Gus and Suzy Hermes, Brad Cox and Mary Ryzner, Gregg and Maureen (sub-19) Horner, and more recently,
  • Annie Toth and Carl Legleiter, Joe and Monica DeVreese
  • Rusty and June Snow.
  • On the don’t-compete-locally-much list would be Coley and Karen Candaele.


Sub-10 (men)

Sycamore Canyon. Start at the stop sign before the bridge, junction of Sycamore Canyon and 192 up to Westmont. Finish at the stop sign just past the fire station.

  • Aaron Gillen, 9:20
  • Lars Minnini, 9:45

Sub-5 (men)

Milpas to State. Chase Palm Park, start at the bike path across from Milpas, to the bridge just before Stearns’ Wharf. On the grass next to Cabrillo all the way (except the last few steps).

  • Russ Beste, 4:53 (pretty easy)
  • Jim Kornell, 4:55 (with Russ, not pretty easy)
  • Terry Howell undoubtedly belongs here, and stories have Rusty Snow doing it in 5:00 at the end of a 30-miler. (Seriously.)

Stairs, More Mesa

Haley to Pier, naked. Start at Haley, engage in a running dialog with two police officers, continue rapidly to Cabrillo, turn right, hide until clothed.

  • Rod Garratt, 37 sec. (2002) (“37, not 57! I am ton lysdexic!”)

Mesa Lane

  • Kevin Young & Mike Fernandez, 49 sec. (1989)


Jesusita. Start at the trailhead just up from the Cater treatment plant; to Inspiration Point (the common one, not the real one).


  • Gus Hermes
  • Mike Smith
  • Jim Kornell (in the old days when there was less gravity)
  • Curly (28:20). Local stories have Gus being the all-time hill climber.
  • Ramiro Aguirre probably belongs in this club; unsubstantiated.
  • Martha Blackwell did it in 35:– on her way to Tunnel, Rattlesnake, and Gibraltar.

Edison Road

Start at the gate at the top of Tunnel Road, run along the fire road to the very end, keeping right at the turnoff to Inspiration Point (about 2.8mi, 1200′ ascent)

  • Kevin Walker, 23:10 (2007)
  • Martin Pattison, 23:41 (2003)

San Ysidro

From Mountain Drive entrance to Camino Cielo

  • Martha Blackwell, 52-something (2003)

Montecito Peak

From the road to the summit (980m / 3215′), taking the old trail (not the steeper, newer, illegally cut one) (check here)

  • Kevin Walker, 43:15 (2007)
  • Martin Pattison, 43:57 (2003)

Cathedral Peak

This is not actually a run, and doing it quickly is not advised. But… From gate at top of Tunnel Road to the summit (which is 1016m / 3333′) (check here)

  • Martin Pattison, 48:33 (2004)


San Ysidro Mountain Drive entrance to lower McMenemy to McMenemy Bench

  • Martha Blackwell, 17+ (2003)

Best Racing Attire

  • Aaron Gillen, winning the inaugural Community Environmental Council Salmon Run dressed as a salmon (2006).