Coffee and High Blood Pressure

Coffee Unlinked From High Blood Pressure
Standard medical advice to high blood pressure sufferers has been to cut out caffeine. Zurich researcher Roberto Conti reports that “ingredients other than caffeine are responsible for the stimulating effects of coffee on the cardiovascular system.” Counterintuitive – No-Doz seems to work, and the caffeine in colas and tea has an effect indistinguishable from coffee when normalized for dosage – so it will be interesting to see the research replicated. Nevertheless, it strongly suggests that the link between coffee consumption and hypertension is not based on caffeine – decaf would have the same effect as regular. In addition, the strength of that link, when compared to something like salt, is very small (according to Simon Thom of St. Mary’s in London). Conti’s team’s research will be published in Circulation. (11/19) (Thanks to Dennis Mihora for forwarding this.)

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