Community Trail Work Event

Saturday, April 13th 8am – 2pm

Please join the Trail Advocacy groups in the “fixing up” of Jesusita & Tunnel Trails.  Meet at the Mission Rose Garden.  Voluteers will cut back brush to widen the trail corridor and allow easier navigation of the trail, reclaim some poor trail sections and improve water control structures.  Cyclists are encouraged to ride to the event.

BRING: water, sunscreen, snack, gloves, bike helmet (Water, tools, insturction and a limited number of work helmets & gloves will be provided on site)

WEAR: closed-toed shoes, long pants (Protection from poison oak)

EAT: Post-event lunch will be provided at teh SB Mission Rose Garden (1-2pm)

RSVP/INFO: If you have questions please contact Mandy Burgess aburgess@santabarbaraca.gove

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