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Ed Smith

Ed Smith Profile (Profile has not been yet been translated into American English)

Introduction:  This Swimmer’s (Runner’s) Profile is a perfect reminder that some of us run just to be in the company of others (or in this case a specific other).   While Ed’s dominance (and entirety of the Profile) remains in the pool you will not find a happier guy excited for another’s success.  Pick up a local paper at any time during the first two weeks of July and it will be easy to see why Ed has earned his sobriquet  “Mr. Semana Nautica”.

Name: Ed Smith
Age: 38
Nicknames:  Eduardo, Edman, Ed-word, Mr. Semana Nautica
Hometown: Perth, Western Australia
Employment: Electrical Engineer
Family: Mum (not Mom), Dad and two brothers in Perth, Western Australia. Wife to be: Becky G Smith!
Other sports, hobbies, interests, etc.: Swimming, Cycling, Drinking Beer, Guitar, Travel, U.S Politics, infrared sensors
Most Prized Possession: Family & friends, health, house, and now Becky’s engagement ring….
Favorite Food: Beer, Mum’s lamb roast & pavlova
Favorite Movie: Momento, Harrison Ford movies pre-2000
Favorite Spectator Sport: Cricket, Australian Rules Football, NFL, World Cup Soccer, Australia vs NZ rugby (Bledisloe Cup), Melbourne and Perth Cup horse racing
Car I’d Love to be Driving: Tesla S, Holden Commodore (Pontiac GXP), 1970’s Datsun 200Z
My friends describe me as: Hot Aussie Ed!
My trademark expression is: Cheeri-o, Good-o, Fark me dead
If money were not a consideration, I would love to: Do more charitable activities, split time between California and Australia
In the next 10 years, I hope to: Be outrun by some little Eduardos or Beckys
Personal Accomplishments: Momentum is building
Personal Fact that will Surprise my Friends: I watch the Bachelorette with a bottle of wine (not by myself)…except they probably wouldn’t be surprised…

Favorite Running Shoes: ASICS
Favorite Distance and PR (post collegiate): 1mi to 6mi….open water swimming…where thankfully conditions are variable and time is not a good performance indicator
Best Race and Why: Still searching for what they call the ‘runner’s high’….
Worst Race and Why: Every running race I have entered hasn’t felt very good… 🙂
Average Weekly Mileage (last 12 months):  5 miles
Favorite Local Race: Semana Nautica 6 mile swim (until the last 1-2 miles)
Most Memorable Running Experience: Western Australian Ironman Triathlon (first and only marathon), being left to run solo on trail runs with Becky
Favorite Place to Run: North Cottesloe Beach, Perth, Western Australia, up to SB Mission & Franscesci Park
Glory Days PR: Swimmer’s legs….I had to stick to swimming (’96 Aussie Olympic Trials)

Realistic Running Goals for this Year: Sub 1:40 half marathon (snuck under with a 1:39 thanks to the time friendly Santa-to-the-Sea course)
Lifetime Running Goals: Lose 20 pounds and see how fast I can run the half marathon
Local Running Heroes & Why: ‘Watermen’ that run
Personal Training Tips: Drink (alcohol) in moderation
Why I Run: I am Becky’s water boy on long runs
I love runners who: Swim
I don’t care for runners who: Give me running tips & encouragement when passing me on a triathlon run leg!
Suggestions for local races: Every runner (who can swim) should do the Semana Nautica biathlon
Suggestions for SBAA: Sponsor the Semana Nautica biathlon

SBAA Member since: 2012

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