Gaviota Peak

Gaviota Peak. Drive 101 north past Gaviota. Off at Lompoc/Route 1 offramp, then two rights to get you on the frontage road and a short distance to the parking area. (Or just park near the offramp and don’t pay the $2.) Follow the trail – it’s a utility road – and if it’s your first time when you come to the junction of Trespass (to the right/west) and Gaviota Peak (straight), take the latter. Climb a long way – the sign says three miles though it took me (jk) over 50 minutes to get to the upper road junction. At the “top,” the road goes to the left, but a steep trail goes right. That’s what you want. A short way up and you’re there. You can reverse route, or follow the trail forward and down – you’ll eventually get to the Trespass trail and back home. Figure between 90 minutes and two hours (or more if you like to go pretty casually). Two warnings: the fire has made Trespass trail pretty funky (and vague) at points – if you have a poor sense of direction, you might want to do your first time with someone who’s done it before. Also: don’t try it in the week after the first rain of the season. Last thing: the sign about mountain lions isn’t joking.

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