GMO Athletes

But bad for running, and athletics in general. Some readers may be aware of genetic engineering that’s resulted in ‘mighty mice,’ mice who look like hard-core steroid stackers but show none of the deleterious effects and maintain their powerful (for mice) physiques even without exercise. The prospect of this kind of gene therapy for those with, for example, muscular dystrophy or prolonged immobilization is near-miraculous. However, since the liver filters the blood, catching the ‘denatured’ viruses that carry modified genes to their targets, such therapy has only been possible with extreme intervention. Not practical for working medicine. A significant barrier has just been passed, as a team in Glasgow has developed a “stealth”viral carrier that the liver ignores. Lead author Andrew H. Baker, Ph.D., says, “It may be possible to design and construct genetically engineered ‘designer’ gene therapy for selectively delivering genes to any part of the body.” Baker’s team specifically targeted cells that line the veins and arteries, critical to the circulation of the bloood. But for a wide range of illnesses, this is an extraordinary development that has the potential to revolutionize medical treatment.
For those in need. This also means it’s just a matter of time until we see genetically modified athletes: Distance runners with dolphins’ oxygen carrying capacity and rabbits’ explosive power.
Reported in ScienceDaily, here. (1/20)

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