Horniness Around Nursing Moms

Nursing mothers and their babies make the women around them horny. Research led by Martha McClintock at U. Chicago found that exposure to nursing mothers and their babies increased sexual desire in other women. The mechanism is chemosignalling – chemicals emitted that may not be perceived consciously as odors but affect mood and behavior nonetheless. Original research in Hormones and Behavior.
Two notes. One, most likely this research was possible because the six-person research team was entirely women. For those who recall when a woman with a PhD was exceedingly uncommon, a full reserach team like this signals a profound and positive shift. Second, no research was done with men. There’s nothing better in the world to hold than a newborn; there must be some effect on men. Guess we’ll have to wait for a not-quite-all-male research team to investigate. (11/13)

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