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JeffDeVine200806Jeff DeVine is one of the most visible people in the Santa Barbara community; some consider him downright ubiquitous. We have all seen Jeff at any number of local races; if you attended this year’s Wine Country Half Marathon, you may have seen Jeff handing out big checks (literally); if you read any local publications, you must have seen Jeff’s smiling face as a part of a Rabobank advertisement.

Chances are while you are reading this, Jeff is running or involved in some event in Santa Barbara. The constant is Jeff’s enthusiasm. Whether he is planning his training program for the Avocado Run or discussing his kid’s split times at Nite Moves, Jeff is as fired up as they come. Behind all the enthusiasm is a talented runner posting a 3:14 trip to Boston and an 18:20 5K with only 5 years of real running experience under his belt. Jeff’s talent also extends to the putting green, earlier this year he sunk a $50,000 putt at a charity golf tournament.

As you will note in his Profile below, Jeff is in need of a nickname. As of press time, nominations include “High Profile” (shortened to Hi Pro), “RaboMan” and “Money Putt”; certainly one of our clever SBAA members can do better. Suggestions are welcome.

Name: Jeff DeVine
Age: 39 (2008)
Nicknames: I need one. Maybe I should start showing up at hash runs and drinking beer out of my new running shoes so that I can get a suitably insulting running nickname.
Hometown: Glendale, CA.

Favorite Food: I must confess. I really look forward to an In-N-Out Double Double and salty fries after a weekend long run. It hits the spot when you have that massive protein craving about 2 hours after getting back from a 15-20 miler.
Favorite Movie(s): Forrest Gump, Gladiator, Braveheart, Dances with Wolves and National Lampoon’s Vacation. I’m not real deep when it comes to movies; I just like great cinematography and to be entertained.
Favorite IPOD Running Music/Song: I don’t like to wear an IPOD during races because I like to hear people sneaking up behind me in the home stretch and the sounds of the crowd. Music does really motivate me to run and if I’m feeling a little tired or sluggish before a track workout or tempo run, a dose of Smashing Pumpkins “Bullet with Butterfly Wings” or Bush “Machinehead” will do the trick.

Employment: Division Manager/Commercial Real Estate for Rabobank in California.
Favorite Running Shoes: Mizuno Wave Rider 9. They don’t last too long but they fit great, are very protective on the heel, and they are fast/light for a training shoe.
Family: Married for 17 years to Josie. We have an 11 year old boy Blake, a 10 year old boy Bradley, and a 4 year old girl Bridget. I love to watch my kids run. Blake had his Nite Moves PR this year with a 21:50 and Brad just ran a 6:11 at the State Street Mile. I’ll be happy when they beat me.
Other sports, hobbies, interests, etc.: Skiing. I like to bomb cruiser runs. Want to have fun skiing – bring your Garmin with you and see how fast you can go.

My friends describe me as: Hard worker, mild OCD, A-type personality, etc. They think it is strange that I keep a log book and a list of all my race and distance PRs.
My trademark expression is: “Why is time/pace math so complicated? You are always trying to do it when you have a lack of oxygen in your brain. Wouldn’t it be easier if seconds/minutes were in 100ths not 60ths?”
If money were not a consideration, I would love to: Be a philanthropist. Give tons of money away and still have enough to make sure I could travel with my family, live comfortably in Santa Barbara, and cross train with my friends every day.

In the next 5 years, I hope to: Have my sons beat me in a race.
In the next 10 years, I hope to: Still be running strong and injury free.

Accomplishments: 2007 SBAA Grand Prix (2nd in the 35-39 age group). Well behind superhuman Todd Booth. Grand Prix placement is rewarding because you have to gear up for so many races, and run some hard even when you don’t feel like it because there is someone from your age group breathing down your back.
Favorite Distance and PR (post collegiate): Half marathon 1:25:48 (2007 SB News Press)
Best Race and Why: Boston Marathon 2007. Had to qualify to be there, the race has such a fantastic history, I passed 3,900 people (started 6,358th / finished 2,449th) and I ran 3:14 despite dismal rain, wind and cold.
Worst Race and Why: Boston Marathon 2007. I trained hard with Rusty Snow, he prepared me well for a 3:03 to 3:08, and maybe on any other day…
Average Weekly Mileage (last 12 months): 25-40.
Favorite Local Race: Chucks Beach Run. Great price, great food, and who the heck knows how long it is or what pace you run. It doesn’t matter for this race. Thanks to Brad and the Chuck’s restaurant team!

Most Memorable Running Experience: Meeting 4 time Boston Marathon champ Bill Rogers at the Boston Expo. He chatted with me for several minutes, gave me race tips, and graciously signed a 100th year commemorative poster that Joe Howell made me drag all the way to Boston in poster tube. I think that was the year they relaxed the entry standards. It’s in the restroom at his law offices if you want to see it.
Favorite Place to Run: More Mesa. If you have not run along the cliffs on a clear day you have to try this. Tread carefully — it is a long way down.
Glory Days PR: I only started running seriously about 5 years ago so I think I may still have a Glory Days PR in me. However, the race that comes to mind is the 2007 Orchard to Ocean 10K where I ran 36:48.
Realistic Running Goals for this Year: I want to break my 5K PR of 18:20. I was well ahead of that for 2 miles last year during Nite Moves and then I injured my hamstring. I want to go sub 18 this year.
Wildly Optimistic Running Goals for this year: Beat Todd Booth in any race over any distance. If I blindfold him, untied his shoelaces, and we ran 100M hurdles I might be able to take him.
Lifetime Running Goals: Break 3 hours in a marathon. This distance has been dogging me. I have two 3:14s and I know I could do better.

Local Running Heroes & Why: Rusty Snow. The guy is tough as nails at any distance (even tougher if you are on his “massage” table), he carefully selects/prepares for his races, and he is so dedicated to helping the runners in his coached group do well. I’ve seen him stand around in the cold at 6AM with a stopwatch at track workouts and meet runners early for extra miles when we are preparing for a marathon.
Personal Training Tips: Run every other day to give yourself time to heal. Don’t put in garbage miles just to say that you run every day. Even three days a week with a disciplined track workout, a mid-distance tempo and a weekend long run is a schedule that can work for a busy person.
Why I Run: I can eat whatever I want, I need the stress release, and I always feel great after a run.
I love runners who: Let me pass them in the last 100 meters of a race.
I don’t care for runners who: Farmer blow without warning. Are out running when I’m injured.
Suggestions for local races: Do the SBAA Grand Prix biggies. SB Running 10 miler, Semauna Nautica 15K, and News Press marathon.
Suggestions for SBAA: The website and the association are amazing resources for local runners. Thank you John Brennan, Elaine Campo, Patsy Dorsey, Joe Howell, Jim Kornell, Wally Marantette, Des O’Neill, and Kevin Young. Your names are synonymous with local running.

Favorite Quote: “Running is the greatest metaphor for life, because you get out of it what you put into it.” Oprah said this after she ran a marathon.

SBAA Member since: 2005.


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