Jim Sloan

Jim Sloan

Jim Sloan London Marathon 2010

Runner’s Profile Craigslist Ad: Wanted – Person to serve as President of local running club. Need to demonstrate extreme patience and desire to follow predecessor who served as President for over 30 years. Running ability a big plus, as is willingness to underwrite the beer and wine at formal Club events and to host Club Board meetings at your home….OK, so this ad did not run, but if it had, only one person could have met the requirements! Read the Profile of SBAA President, big time Marlin fisherman and all around good guy Jim Sloan.

Name: Jim Sloan
Age: the wrong side of 50
Hometown: Burbank, California
Employment: Limited….I used to manage a company that makes lights
Family: Lovely wife Amy and 2 wonderful teenage boys
Other sports, hobbies, interests, etc.: Too many: Fishing, Skiing, Traveling, Sailing, Motocross, Volunteering, or just about anything outdoors
Favorite Food: While training – fruit salads (I can tell you where to get the best in town), After a race of just about any time – Beer and French Fries
Favorite Movies: recent – King’s Speech, classic – Caddy Shack
Favorite Spectator Sports: Tour De France or other European cycling events, the Olympics
My friends describe me as: weird?
My trademark expression is: “No worries” (although I asked my son what he thought my favorite expression was and he said it was “Is your homework done?”)
If money were not a consideration, I would love to: I would love to: cure Diabetes
In the next 5 years, I hope to: I hope to: stay healthy enough to run more marathons, continue to see the world and catch a 1,000 lb Marlin
In the next 10 years, I hope to:I hope to: stay healthy enough to run, see my kids graduate from college and be the best friend and dad I can be
Personal fact that will surprise my friends: I once blew out my knee skiing and the doctor said that if I didn’t have it operated on I would never run again. That was 25 years ago…. and I’ve never had my knee operated on
Favorite Running Shoes: Asics DS Trainers
Favorite Distance and PR (post collegiate): Marathon, 2:54:47
Best Race and Why: New York Marathon 2011. I trained well and put everything I had into it and got the results I wanted. I also had a great group of friends to share it with
Worst Race and Why:Any of the 3 races where I’ve quit. Boy is that a horrible feeling
Average Weekly Mileage (last 12 months): 50ish with periods up to 80 under Rusty’s tutelage
Favorite Local Race: It’s used to be on Fathers’ Day (hint, hint Megan), it’s downhill and it’s short, what more can I say?
Most Memorable Running Experience: That’s a tough one. I’d say running in new places around the world. As a runner you get to see more of a town or country than you do from a taxi or by walking. The other is running with all my friends; I love these people
Favorite Place to Run: Locally – Mountain Drive
Glory Days PR: What glory days? I’m still living my glory days
Realistic Running Goals for this Year: Stay healthy enough to run at least 2 marathons
Lifetime Running Goals: Stay healthy so I can run into my 70s or 80set
Local Running Heroes & Why: Too many to name, but here are a few: 1. John Brennand is someone I will always respect because of his unwavering commitment to running and to the local running community. 2. Rusty Snow because he helped me reach a lifelong goal and showed me what a dedicated, experienced, supportive coach can do for my running. 3. All of the people who volunteer and make races happen. 4. My running friends, past and present. They are the most genuine, caring, positive people I’ve ever met (and they put up with me!)
Personal Training Tips: 1. Do whatever your coach says and you’ll be a better runner for it. 2. Track work and strides are underrated; if you want to get faster, you’ll need to do speed work on a regular basis. 3. Take time to chill each year, reduce your mileage and do the things you sacrifice when you train hard.
Why I Run: I love the feeling, the people, the scenery and knowing that I’m part of select community of healthy, positive people.
I love runners who: Encourage and support other runners and anyone behind me in a race.
I don’t care for runners who: : Don’t pay race entry fees
Suggestions for local races: 1. Keep up the good work, without you we wouldn’t have races. 2. Offer significantly reduced entry fee (or free) for first timers and young people. They are the future of the sport.
Favorite Quote:“If you want to win something, run in the 100 meter; if you want to experience something, run a marathon.” – Alberto Salazar
SBAA Member since:Mid 80’s (I think I first joined in 1986 although I have some hardware from a Winter Road Run dating back to the mid 70’s)

By Joe Howell and Gene Deering

Jim Sloan’s Races

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