Jonesing for a Track Meet

Want to relive your glory days in high school or college or maybe take a turn for the first time around the oval like SBAA’s own Elizabeth Schwyzer did recently (with great success).  February 16th in Santa Ana is the place  A  master track meet will be held at Mater Dei High School.  There is a whole host of track and field events including and “Indoor” Pentathlon and team relay events.  The events do not appear to start until after 11, so you could drive that day to the meet.

The meet itself is geared around an Indoor Pentathlon events and distance, but will be run outdoors on the high school track along with the field events.  They will host other events as people show interest these run the gambit from 60 (roughly than 1/8 a lap around track) meters to 5,000 (like a gazillion laps around the track) meters.  Wouldn’t be cool to have a 4X100 relay team break the record?

This is a USATF sanctioned event…so I am guessing Lance will not be there.  It requires USAFT membership; consult the website for more details.  If you run with SBRR you might want to seek out Elizabeth to see if you can catch a ride, although she might already be at the starting line.  Good luck to all who participate and keep up posted on how you do.

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