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The subject of this month’s Profile is Justin Hatch. Justin who? He is: (1) perhaps the tallest/fastest Kiwi runner to race in Santa Barbara since Rod Dixon’s appearance at the old SBAA Winter Road Run; (2) so well known in New Zealand for his running that he earned the nickname “Tallawalla Runaroa” (Maori for “Tall Man Running Fast”); (3) winner of both this summer’s McConnell’s Biathlon and the Terry Fox 10K on October 13; (4) a guy who can make you a killer drink at Blue Agave; (5) my favorite guy to draft on the Saturday, 7 a.m. SB Tri Club group bike ride; and (6) a guy who I predict will have an impressive time at the upcoming SBAA Half Marathon (but who refuses to give me any good trash talk for this Newsletter). (Note: 1 of the 6 facts above is a prevarication; figure out which one!)

As is evident from reading some of the stats from Justin’s running performances, he is a extremely talented runner (with a personal best marathon of 2:39 that he did not even list below!). He is also a recent convert to triathlons who seems to get better every week. If you catch Justin at a local race or around town (at 6’5″, with a beautiful wife Angela and new son Ollie, he is hard to miss), be sure to welcome him to Santa Barbara. Just in case he is homesick, greet him as Tallawalla Runaroa!

Basic Information

Name: Justin Hatch
Age: 33 (2002)

Personal Information – Basic
Employment (Company, title describe job if not obvious): Trying to launch a business assisting Americans who want to purchase property, or, invest in New Zealand. In the meantime-slinging cocktails at the Blue Agave.
Family-who they are; what they do: Angela-wife-shoe designer. Oliver-son (3 months)-eater and sleeper. Dog-Lucy and cats-Albie (world’s fattest cat) and LuLu (also eaters and sleepers).
Other Sports/Interests/Hobbies: Rugby, particularly NZ versus Australia and soccer, especially the English Premiership.

Personal Information – Additional
My friends describe me as …: Not sure. Good mates don’t discuss their feelings.
My trademark expression is …: Either “my legs feel like custard” or “that race was putrid”.
If money were not a consideration, I would love to be a …: An artist. Probably a painter.
Goals-In the next 5 years, I hope to : Grow my business and have a second child.
In the next 10 years …: Be in a position to spend the majority of time with my family.
Accomplishments – I am really proud of the fact that …: I convinced Angela to marry me. To this day I still don’t know how I did it. Passing stage four economics at University. A miracle!

Running Highlights
Favorite Distance & PR at same: Half Marathon. 1:14:50
Best Race and Why: Tie. Staten Island Half Marathon (NY) 2000. 1:14:50 after running 23 hard miles on a long run the previous day. Boston 2000, 2:41. Not my best time but given the conditions was probably my best marathon.
Worst Race and Why: NYC Marathon 2001. Trained like I was going to run 2:35. Was walking by mile 18 (The Bronx: not fun!!) and ran 2:54. PUTRID!!!
Average Weekly Mileage (last 12 months): 60
Favorite Local Race: Only done three but Chardonnay 10 miler is nice. Good weather, a flat course in general and some great coastline.
Running Goals (Realistic) for this Year: 1:16 in SB Half Marathon in November and sub 1:20 in a half Ironman (Probably Vineman).
Running Goals (Wildly Optimistic for this year: Sub 2:55 in the LA Marathon in March on triathlon training-NOT marathon training. Big difference between the two.
Running Goals – (Lifetime) Ð Before I die, I hope to: Sub 3:10 marathon in an Ironman.

Additional Running Information
My Local Runner Hero & Why: Justin Greene….. just because.
Personal Training Tips: To get faster all runners must do a speed or track workout once a week and be under duress during it. It’s got to hurt. Also the long slow distance run is key. Conversation pace for two or two and a half hours every three weeks or so.
I love runners who …: Hang tough when the hurt is on.
I hate runners who …: Don’t say hi when YOU say hello or wave as you run past each other.
Suggestions for local races: I haven’t run enough yet. I’m used to three thousand people showing up for a 10K so the lack of chaos and same day sign up is nice.
Suggestions for SBAA: Joe Howell for Mayor.
My views on …: Being a good husband … do what you’re told and don’t ask too many stupid questions.
Quote (on running, life, whatever): Life’s a marathon not a sprint.

Add anything you want! Fred Maggiore for mayor.
SBAA Member since 2002.

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