Karen Beerman

KarenBeerman_TG_2006_161Karen Beerman is many things- a proud mom (who considers her Volunteer of the Year Award at her children’s school one of her greatest accomplishments), a critical care nurse with a masters degree, and a talented runner (Masters All American in 2004) to name a few. Karen has the misfortune (or perhaps good fortune according to Karen) to compete in one of the toughest Grand Prix age groups, with 7 time winner Dianna Hall and former GP champ Maggie Mason. Karen has placed third in the age group, behind the two of them, in both 2003 and 2004.
As someone who started her serious running career relatively late in life (running her first ever race at age 39), Karen has just gotten better and better. She had her best ever Nite Moves performance at the last race of the series last year, just weeks after her All American qualifying performance at McConnell’s. She apparently found a way to train through the holiday season, as she had an impressive 3:47 marathon at the Arizona Rock & Roll Marathon on January 9, 2005, finishing 12th among 362 in her age group!
I thought I had heard just about every explanation (excuse?) for a less than stellar performance at a race, but Karen’s story under the “Worst Race and Why” is truly unique. My guess is that nothing is going to stop Karen from even more impressive performances as she continues her running and triathlon career. Go Karen!

Name: Karen Beerman
Age: 48 (2005)
Favorite Food: Chinese Food/ Homemade Choc Chip Cookies warm from the oven
Favorite Movie: Gone With The Wind
Hometown: Born in Michigan; Lived in SB/Goleta for 25 years
Employment: Registered Nurse working in Critical Care for 25 years
Family: Husband David; Son Tyler (18) and Daughter Torey (16)

Other sports, hobbies, interests, etc.: Golfing; Biking; Hiking; Skiing
My friends describe me as: Inspirational, Dedicated and Hard Working
My trademark expression is: “Are you kidding me?”
If money were not a consideration, I would love to: use my nursing skills in underdeveloped countries
In the next 5 years, I hope to: run 2 marathons/ year, see my kids graduate from college
In the next 10 years, I hope to: Travel more; go on golfing vacations with my husband; and still be running.
Accomplishments: Two proud moments were: completing my Masters Degree and earning Volunteer of the Year Award in my children’s school

Favorite Distance and PR (post collegiate): 10K 46:38 McConnell’s 2004 – qualified as Masters All American
Best Race and Why: Last Nite Moves of 2004 – finally ran under 22 minutes
Worst Race and Why: Half Marathon 2001 – I was wearing elastic laces and when the shotgun went off there were so many runners that someone stepped on my heel and my shoe flew off. I had to go back into the oncoming crowd and find my shoe!
Average Weekly Mileage (last 12 months): 30 miles
Favorite Local Race: Half Marathon
Most Memorable Running Experience: LA Marathon 2003, my first,I never thought I could do it. I was so happy when I crossed the finish line I started crying!
Favorite Place to Run: Elwood bluffs along the ocean
Glory Days PR: Still waiting!

Realistic Running Goals for this Year: Run the Half Marathon under 8 min/mile
Wildly Optimistic Running Goals for this year: Run the Pier to Peak, the only local race I’ve never done
Lifetime Running Goals: I’d like to see how many different states I could run Marathons in.
Local Running Heroes & Why: Maggie Mason and Al Sladek – both so hard working and always training for a new goal that they have inspired me to work harder
Personal Training Tips: Don’t overtrain-I get injured everytime
Why I Run: It gives me more energy and makes me feel fit
I love runners who: Smile
I don’t care for runners who: Spit-I’m afraid I’ll get nailed if I’m down wind
Suggestions for local races: keep up the good work-they’re all great

My views on: It’s never too late to start running or exercising. I never ran in high school or college, but started after I had my children to try and lose some weight. I never entered a race until I was almost 40. Competing in races empowered me to do other things I never dreamt I could do. I completed my first triathlon and marathon in my mid-forties. I get so much personal satisfaction from achieving my goals that I know I have inspired other women my age to try something new.
Favorite Quote: I read this quote in a runners’ magazine the night before I ran the AZ Marathon last month, and played it over and over in my head the last few miles “Pain is temporary, but success is forever.”


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