Lateral Space, Soy Babies

Men, Women, and Babies
Not strictly running here, but interesting. Women tend to be more peripherally conscious than men visually, while men tend to focus attention in a narrower, frontal field. Probably as a consequence, women are more conscious of their lateral personal space and report discomfort when intruded upon from the side, while men are more conscious (and defensive) of their frontal personal space.
Now babies. While the findings are far from definitive, using soy-based formula appears to be a bad idea. Soy is high in phytoestrogens (plant compounds that mimic estrogen, a key hormone). In one study, girls fed soy-based formula as babies reported longer and more uncomfortable periods. Another study followed 8000 boys, finding that those born to vegetarian mothers (most likely to consume higher levels of phytoestrogens) had five times the number of genetic abnormalities. (Of course this evidence is equivocal unless the study controlled for whether vegetarian mothers were more likely to nurse.) Animal studies of phytoestrogens consistently suggests the overly-high levels result in developmental damage. Bottom line – if you’ve got a baby and don’t have a compelling need to use a soy-based formula, then don’t. (Source: New Scientist, 17 May 2003.) (5/27)

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