Lauren Udden

LaurenU_SBNPHM2007There are several reasons you may recognize the photo or name of Lauren Udden, subject of this month’s Profile. Lauren’s photo was the first in the ongoing presentation of “SBAA Jerseys of the Month” being promoted via email by Dennis Mihora. If you have run Law Day 15K Race/Relay in the last several years, you will certainly have noticed Lauren as a hardworking volunteer and more recently, as Co-Race Director of the event. Finally, if you have been around the Santa Barbara racing scene, you no doubt will have noticed that a “new and improved” version of Lauren the runner has emerged. As his racing stats indicate, Lauren turned in some great performances a few years ago, but his law practice, raising his daughters and lots of other demands diverted him from serious training. However, Lauren is now running better than ever and is very focused on his performance in the upcoming Twin Cities Marathon on September 29, 2002.

It is interesting to note that Santa Barbara will be very well represented at Twin Cities this year. At press time, our sources indicate that locals training for this year’s Twin Cities Marathon and joining Lauren include Elaine Campo, Diana Hall and Larry Reynolds. Gary Maxwell and Gina Fennell are reportedly signed up as well. Now scheduled for the 10-mile race on the same day are Marianne Thomas, Steve Bertrand and Dennis Mihora; there are even rumors of a bandit appearance by Wild Man!

Good luck to Lauren and all the locals at Twin Cities.

P.S. If you didn’t already know Lauren was a lawyer, it would become obvious when you read the quotation portion of his Profile; only a lawyer would feel compelled to include a lengthy footnote as part of his running quote!

Name: Lauren Udden
Age: 52 (2002)

Personal Information – Basic

Employment: Attorney practicing labor and employment law
Family: Two daughters: Wei-Joan age 5 and Wei-San age 4
Other Sports/Interests/Hobbies: Tennis, basketball and hiking as a participant, thoroughbred horse racing and UCLA football/basketball as a spectator, and playing with my two beautiful and fabulous daughters.

Personal Information – Additional

My friends describe me as …: I have no idea; I guess that means they only describe me behind my back.
My trademark expression is …: I haven’t come up with one yet that the US Trademark office has accepted as worthy of trademark protection.
If money were not a consideration, I would love to be a …: thoroughbred racehorse owner.

Goals and Accomplishments

In the next 5 years, I hope to …: Simply maintain my current level of health and fitness along with my professional success.
In the next 10 years …: Learn the secret to what I have been told is one of the most difficult tasks on the planet: handling teenage daughters.
I am really proud that …: I have been able to juggle a strenuous career and the demands of two young daughters while maintaining my running goals.

Running Highlights

Favorite Distance & PR at same: 10K 36:19
Best Race and Why: 1988 McDonalds Lakewood CA Half Marathon; was using the race as a training run for the Boston Marathon and thus had no expectations as to time, hit the 1 mile mark in 6:03, felt great and maintained that pace all the way to the end to finish in 1:19:30, probably the most evenly paced long race I have ever run.
Worst Race and Why: 1987 LA Marathon; foolishly decided that because I had run a marathon in 2:55 five weeks before, I should be able to run this one in 2:50; hit the halfway in 1:25, and one mile later felt worse than I have ever felt in a race before or since; not sure how I got to finish line but did to finish in 3:02.
Average Weekly Mileage (last 12 months): 40 miles
Favorite Local Race: Santa Barbara Half Marathon; although it may seem like a boring course to us locals who run that route so often, it is truly one of the more scenic races anywhere.
Running Goals (Realistic) for this year: Run under 40 minutes for 10K.
Running Goals (Wildly Optimistic) for this year: Run an 80+% age graded race of 10K or longer.
Running Goals – (Lifetime): To stay healthy, remember to enjoy even the runs that didn’t go quite as well as planned, and be thankful just for the opportunity to get out there and revel in the great outdoors.

Additional Running Information

Why I Run: I get immense pleasure from it, treasure the friendship of other runners, and appreciate the tremendous health and fitness benefits it bestows upon you.
My Local Runner Hero & Why: John Brennand for deluding me based on his performances into believing that I can actually run faster 15 years from now than I do today.
Personal Training Tips: Whether hard or easy, keep it fun and enjoyable.
I love runners who …: Remind you after a bad race to just be thankful for the opportunity to be out there running on such a wonderful day.
I hate runners who …: Can’t say I have ever met a runner I hated, although I am not overly fond of those who pass me late in a race because it proves they ran a much smarter race than I did.
Suggestions for Local Races: Another point to point course; right now, La Cumbre to La Playa and Pier to Peak are really the only ones (unless you count State Street Mile). I realize the logistical nightmares such a course creates, but there’s something uniquely satisfying about actually ending up a long ways from where you started.
Suggestions for SBAA: A late summer/early fall outdoor BBQ like John Brennand’s 65th birthday party, including Aja food but excluding a trail run designed by Jim Kornell. [Ed. note: Oh, yeah?]


My views on …: Life: live for today, but don’t forget to plan for tomorrow (one of the expressions rejected by the trademark office).
Quote: ‘Ods pittikins! Can it be six mile yet?’


I never realized that even Shakespeare had some gems that are apropos for runners. This one is especially significant for me, because I often fall back on it when I am between mile 5 and 6 of a 10K race. Even though its actual meaning in the play is that there are six more miles to go, I apply a different connotation to it, namely that the six mile mark seems as if it will never appear. However, when this quote pops into my mind in a ten mile race, or god forbid, something even longer than that, I know I am in big trouble, no matter what meaning I attribute to it.


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