Linda Cherish

Linda Cheresh is: (a) your typical Santa Barbara mom with a husband, two kids and a schedule that would frighten many; (b) a concert level violinist who shares her talent as a violin teacher; (c) someone who is not certain of her marathon PR but has done marathons at Big Sur, Chicago, Boston and wants to do many more; (d) a loan officer at Montecito Bank & Trust; or (e) all of the above. Ok, if you know Linda, it will be clear to you that the correct answer to this quiz is (e) all of the above.

If you run or bike early, whether during the week or the weekend, you undoubtedly have seen Linda, running around Santa Barbara with Dave Dickinson, Cherie Topper or other running buddies. She clearly is a talented runner, but needs to become less humble and more obsessed with her PR at various distances if she wants to fit in the “normal” running crowd.

Oh, I forgot to mention she is a gourmet cook and big time volunteer at her kids’ school.

Age 45 (2003)

Employment: Montecito Bank & Trust, Vice President, Commercial Lending Group (loans to businesses, private banking)
Family: Matt – husband, founder of Motion Engineering – Go Kart enthusiast; Elliott, age 10 – waterpolo, squash, reads a lot; Julia, age 6 – every sport she gets her hands or feet on (she likes sports like mommy).
Other Sports/Interests/Hobbies: Play and teach classical violin, gourmet cooking, active in Vieja Valley School, love just about
every sport.

My friends describe me as .. . a good friend, genuine, an iron hand in a velvet glove.
My trademark expression is . . .”Practice”; “Sure, lets do it!”
If money were not a consideration, I would love to be a . . .violinist and teacher

Goals–In the next 5 years, I hope to . . . run more, travel more, worry less and enjoy what I have.
In the next 10 years . . . Help promote music education and help with our education system. Be famous but if not, just happy.
Accomplishments – I am really proud of the fact that . . . I did a lot on my own. I sent myself to college, traveled to Europe, sports. My family gave me a base and then gave me the motivation to do it all myself. Sports were not an emphasis in my family. I am glad it came out later in my life. My mother did say I used to do flips off of swing sets and cartwheel everywhere

Favorite Distance & PR at same: Marathon – PR ?, haven’t gotten it yet! 3:44 I think.
Best Race and Why Big Sur. 1st Marathon. It was fun and felt so great I knew I could do it.
Worst Race and Why Boston Marathon. I had to wait too long – went out too fast – hard finish.
Average Weekly Mileage (last 12 months) 35 or 40
Favorite Local Race Pier to Peak, 9 Trails, Chicago – great crowd, great place.
Running Goals (Realistic) for this year One more marathon – qualify for Boston or get into New York
Running Goals – (Lifetime) – Before I die, I hope to . . . To run a sub 3:30 marathon, run Rim to Rim Grand Canyon, be able to run until I die.

Why I Run Inspired by Dave Dickinson to run distance. Ran in college for fun, exercise. Jan wanted me to train with her for her marathon. I got hooked!
My Local Runner Hero & Why Dave Dickinson – great runner, great trainer, great friend; Cherie Topper – great runner, great trainer, great friend; Jan Campbell – she inspired me to get up and run consistently at 5:30 a.m. She demonstrated the benefits of goal setting.
Personal Training Tips Meet with friends – a group have a goal.
I love runners who … Say hello and share their passion for sports.
Suggestions for local races More?
Suggestions for SBAA None – it is great. Maybe spread the word somehow to newcomers.
Quote (on running, life, whatever): I was told “do it because you can” when talking about motivation for running distance.

I think it would be fun to have a few more kids runs.

SBAA Member since 1997

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