Live High, Train Low

Live High, Train Low
The Johnson brothers of have advocated this for a while. An Australian group took 22 elite distance runners and using a low-oxygen enclosure like that used by the Nike-sponsored and Salazar-coached Oregon Project runners, grouped them into a test, and intermediate, and a control group. Their conclusion: “There was no evidence of an increase in [lactic acid] after the LHTL [live-high, train-low] intervention suggesting that the lower aerobic cost of running was not attributable to an increased anaerobic energy contribution. Furthermore, the improved RE [running economy] could not be explained by a decrease in VE [ventilation], by preferential use of carbohydrate as a metabolic substrate, nor was it related to any change in Hbmass. We conclude that 20 d LHTL at simulated altitude improved the RE of elite distance runners.” In regular English, it worked, impressively, in less than three weeks. (Saunders et al., abstract available from PubMed.) (11/14)

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