Looking for Alternative Workout (without the ash)?

Due to the unpredictable air quality, Killer B Fitness has offered to host a free private circuit training class on Saturday, December 23rd at 10:45am for SBAA members. You are welcome to bring family or friends. If you enjoy the class, they are offering SBAA members a $70 introductory month (normal rate is $159/month). You can create an account and register for the class here: Free Private Group Class
Location will be the Downtown location at: 1107 State Street

Visit killerbfitness.com for details on their group classes.

If you wish to utilize classes before Saturday or cannot make it to the private class, you are welcome to sign up for any normal class. you can go to killerbfitness.com, then click on Free Class at the top right.
Let me know if you have any questions.

Kyle Visin

Manager | Trainer

Killer B Fitness
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