Loud Noise = Reduced Performance.

Loud Noise = Reduced Performance.
Italian researcher Giada Frenzilli of U. Pisa has found that prolonged exposure to loud noise can cause a significant rise in the level of the hormone noepinephrine, which then causes heart cells to absorb too much calcium. That in turn weakens mitochondria membranes, which has the twin effects of releasing damaging free radicals and reducing effective mitochondria density. (Mitochondria are what allow us to use oxygen, and a big part of distance training is increasing mitochondria density.) The damage persisted at least 24 hours. Frenzilli’s team also determined that (non-mitochondrial) DNA was damaged (a result of the exposure to the free radicals). It isn’t clear whether the cause is uniquely the noise or is a generalized stress reaction to the intensity of the stimulus (100 decibels, about what you’d find in a dance club or loud industrial workplace). Makes one long for the silence of Death Valley. Reported in Science News (vol. 163, 1 Feb 2003). (2/7/2003)

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