Mary Hershey

Mary Hershey is unique – how many top Grand Prix finishers do you know who are interested in Yoga for Very Stiff People and writing for children?

Most runners have their best race in ideal conditions; the poorer the conditions the worse the race. Not Mary – her best ever race – a marathon – was in 1997 at the Houston Marathon. The temperature was 27 degrees with freezing rain and sleet. Her worst race? – that would be with ideal conditions at what is considered one of the fastest marathon courses in the country – the St. George Marathon!

Whether she is gently pushing the pace with her running pals at the Tuesday night SBCC track workout or quietly working away on what she hopes will be America’s next best seller, she is always gracious, always smiling. Go Mary!

Name Mary Hershey
Age 46 (2002)
Personal Information – Basic
Employment Program Manager – Department of Veteran Affairs Outpatient clinic
Family Life Sidekick – Jill Gass, local Echelon cyclist and CCU Nurse at Cottage Hospital
Other Sports/Interests/Hobbies Yoga for Very Stiff People, hiking, writing for children
Personal Information – Additional
My friends describe me as … A person who is way too shy to ask my friends to describe me for publication.
My trademark expression is … Where ARE we? I really have no business running without supervision.
If money were not a consideration, I would love to be a … I’d buy myself a job as the CEO of a fabulous running shoe company and make sure all my stores had plenty of shoes for women with really big feet. (And all large-footed people would get a big juicy discount, just for the heck of it.)
In the next 5 years, I hope to … Land a great book contract with a large publishing house (and to nail a 3:30 marathon).
In the next 10 years … I hope to have to fend off large publishing houses (and set a new goal of 3:20 for a marathon)
I am really proud that … I quit smoking 13 years ago. It was the hardest and best thing I’ve ever done
Running Highlights
Favorite Distance & PR at same I’m quite fond of the old 26.2. PR’d at the California International Marathon at 3:43
Best Race and Why 1997 Houston Marathon. The temperature was 27 degrees with freezing rain and sleet. Took all the pressure off a PR I had planned. My adjusted goal was to run non-stop into a hot bathtub. It was a wild and wicked endurance venture
Worst Race and Why St. George Marathon. I was positive I would PR there. I trained right and the race day conditions were ideal. Unfortunately, I ran like I was towing a trailer. Ugh. I tanked for no apparent reason. The best laid plans …
Average Weekly Mileage (last 12 months) 25 – 30 miles
Favorite Local Race The Chardonnay 10-miler. It was the first race I ever entered after I quit smoking. I felt very emotional at the starting lineup. I was so grateful that my lungs had repaired themselves after years of abuse and would allow me this great second chance. It is a nostalgic race for me
Running Goals (Realistic) for this year To run injury free and get back on the track! And to whop off some seconds on my State Street Mile
Running Goals (Wildly Optimistic) for this year For me, Gail Ward, Maggie Mason, Karen Rabin Seal, Jane Faulkner and Paulette Posch to make the cover of Runner’s World
Running Goals – (Lifetime) Before I die, I hope to turn into Jack Bianchi for just one lap on the track
Additional Running Information
Why I Run Besides the amazing health benefits, running makes me a better writer, a better human and immensely more pleasant to live with. And I don’t feel the need to count cookies any longer
My Local runner Hero & Why Robin Riblet – for being the all-time most generous and encouraging runner and because she had the good sense to marry my other hero, John Brennand
Personal Training Tips Never carry a foil Power Gel packet inside your sports bra during a marathon and then forget to take it out until after the race. You’ll look like you’ve been in a sword fight
I love runners who … Remember to greet all the animals along their running route
I hate runners who … Are standing in front of me in line for the restrooms on race day (until I start talking to them and find out, gosh, they’re really nice!)
Suggestions for Local Races We all need to remember to volunteer. We need to remember to thank the volunteers and we should just pretty much genuflect when we see the race organizers
Suggestions for SBAA Give yourself a giant pat on the back for being such a great support and network, and thank you for making it possible for me to meet my beloved running buddies, AKA Fast Girl, Inc.
My views on … Whatever? Okay, I really think that cell phones should have an automatic disconnect feature after 60 seconds, and a mandated standard ringer that is a reasonable decibel level – and nothing you could sing the words to.
Quote The silence of creation speaks louder than the tongues of men or angels. (Thomas Merton)


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