Men’s and Women’s Sex Lives

Sex Lives
A common assumption is that young men have more active sex lives than similar-aged women. Research conducted by Terri Fisher at Ohio State and published in J. Sex Research (reported in the LA Times) suggests that what people say and what they do may be different. Fisher and her colleagues placed unmarried college-age women in three groups. The first believed the researchers would see their personal responses to the questions, the second believed the researchers would not, and the third were attached to a (sham) lie detector. The “lie detector” group reported twice as many sexual partners as women who believed the researchers would see their responses, with the women who thought the researchers would not see their responses in between. Men divided into corresponding groups showed little or no change based on group. Fisher’s (reasonable) interpretation is that because sexually adventurous women are still socially stigmatized, they are less likely to admit to that behavior.
Gals, you may find this amusing (but true). Guys, don’t worry, your wife/girlfriend told you the absolute truth about her life before she met you. (7/23)

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