Mitochondria Density In Our Brains

Mitochondria and thinking. Work at MIT (where Martino’s dad teaches neuroscience) found that mitochondria – the endurance athlete’s favorite cell-dweller – reconfigure themselves within brain cells to generate the necessary power for synaptic transmission and reception, the foundation of learning and memory. Very nice piece of work. Morgan Sheng was the principal investigator. Speculation (not from the researchers): since endurance athletes seem to show unusual clustering of high-education individuals, and since it is known from some small-scale studies that endurance training improves mental acuity, then have Sheng et al. found a key mechanism? (Or are high-mitochondria-count people drawn both to study and to endurance athletics?) (Original reserach reported in 17 Dec Cell, press release here.) (All items reported in ScienceDaily.) (12/22)

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