Mountain Drive

Mountain Drive. Gently rolling, great views, no traffic. At the Mission, head toward the mountains. The first road is Alameda Padre Serra; just past that, take Mountain Drive on the right. Continue on Mountain Drive to Sheffield Reservoir, and turn left. Park when you come to the three-way junction (Mountain, Gibraltar, Las Canoas). Mountain (the rightmost road) is marked in yellow every half-mile on the right side from Gibraltar to mile six. Mile six is approximately half mile before San Ysidro Ranch, so if you run from Gibraltar to San Ysidro Ranch sign at the staff parking lot and back, you get a 13-miler with two approx. 3/4 miles up-hills on the way back. If you don’t want to do the big hills turn around at mile 4. There is a public drinking fountain on the right at approximately mile 3-1/4, across from a group of mailboxes. During warm summer afternoons most of the course is in the shade starting about two hours before sunset. Good verges, too, so you can do half of the running on dirt. Gary Milliken marked it; he writes, “I saw two bobcats up there in December. (Tarantulas are seasonal.) Hope to see you up there sometime – I do it almost every Wednesday.”

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