Our hearts go out to Boston

Our hearts and thoughts go out to all in Boston.  We have heard from all runners and their families that were in Boston.  They are safe.  We are proud of all who ran and we come together as a community of runners to mourn this horrific act. Thank you to all first responders, volunteers, spectators and everyone who helped.

For the runners who ran, be proud of your run.  Don’t let them take away from you your accomplishments. You are amazing.

Let’s all support and honor Boston by wearing our race shirts or medals today.

OK » Almeida, Kristiana (USA)
OK » Boris, Karen (USA)
OK » Clancy, Gary (USA)
OK » Clancy, Doris (USA)
OK » Desmond, Michael (USA) 3:06:28
OK » Douglas, Jessica (USA) 3:08:03
DNS » Elliott, Kate (USA)
OK » Guillen, Curly (USA) 2:35:00
DNS » Harding, Stephen (USA)
DNS » Heitkamp, Heidi (USA)
DNS » Howell, Joe (USA)
OK » Kaplan, Nancy (USA)
OK » Kovanda, Debbie (USA) 4:01:17
DNS » Kulchin, Steve (USA)
OK » Larsen, Brett (USA) 4:07:55
DNS » Macphee, Joseph (USA)
OK » Maxwell, Andrew (USA)
OK » Mehler, Laurel (USA)
OK » Miller, Jennifer (USA)
DNS » Odell, Deanna (USA)
OK » Prater, Craig (USA)
OK » Prenderville, Tom (USA)
OK » Rebol, Angela (USA)
OK » Rebol, Joshua (USA)
OK » Reece, Ethan (USA) 3:15:40
OK » Reese, Elliott (USA) 3:02:20
OK » Roberts, Sandy (USA) 3:59:40
TBD » Roeder, Adam (USA) 2:50:07
OK » Royer, Heather (USA)
OK » Seeland, Karl (USA) 3:39:00
OK » Snow, Rusty (USA)
OK » Snow, June (USA)
DNS » Stein, Johnny (USA)
OK » Vining, Katherine (USA) 3:34:08
OK » Vining Family
OK » Voorhis, John (USA) 4:12:41
OK » Warren, Mark (USA) 3:27:09

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