Patsy Dorsey

PatsyDorseyPhotoIf you are curious what Patsy Dorsey does with her free time, just listen to her answering machine. In one breath, she instructs the caller that they have the correct number if they are trying to get information concerning “the class of 1963 Bishop High School Reunion, the Santa Barbara Nine Trails Run, the Santa Barbara Half Marathon or the Semana Nautica 15K”. If you actually reach Patsy, she will undoubtedly tell you about the wonders of the Aptos Trail Marathon that she just finished, or any one of several other past or future ultra marathons, triathlongs or other endeavors.

According to Patsy, her first experience in an organized run was in 1983, with Paul Gilbert’s encouragement. At the time, Ventura and Solvang were the farthest points of her travels. Since then she literally has run and competed all over the world.

Patsy went from strictly running events to triathons in 1985, competing in the Oxnard Triathlon at the standard Olympic distance. She has now competed in numerous triathlons, including one at the standard Ironman distance, the Vineman, in August 1990. Her favorite events now seem to be trail runs, any run that is very long, and triathlons. For those of you who have been in the Santa Barbara running community for a while, you also know that Patsy is an indefatigable volunteer and director for many local events

Basic Information

Name: Patsy Dorsey
Age: 47 (1993)
Employment: Bookkeeper for Boeddeker Chevron

Family: 4 children, seven grandchildren and one addopted pre-med student whom I found touring the California coast.

Other Sports/Interests: Swimming, biking, hiking, dancing, traveling, and reading

Running Highlights

Favorite Distance & PR: 50 miles best time at American River 50 with a 10:22
Best Race & why: Every time I think it can’t get better, but it does! So the best race is always the next one.
Worst Race & why: L.A. Marathon – boring flat course, smog, too crowded, and no refreshments at the finish for us back of the packers.
Average Weekly Mileage (last 12 months): 40-60 up to 80 when in ultra season
Favorite Local Race: Gaviota Pass 15K
Goals (Realistic) for 1993: to qualify for the Boston Marathon
Goals (Wildly Optimistic) before Year 2000: Before the year 2000 – run the TransAm (it takes 3 months) or Badwater (the course is from Death Valley to the top of Mount Whitney)..

Additional Information

Why I Run: It makes me feel good.
My Runner Hero & Why: Helen Kline – At the age of 68 she ran the Grand Slam. That’s 5 100 mile runs within an 11 week span.
Personal Training Tips ENJOY!
I love (hate) runners who: I love runners who acknowledge and encourage back of the pack runners such as me…I hate bandits..
Suggestions for the SBAA: 5K and 10K trail runs
My views on running Running has taken me many places I would otherwise not have seen. I have run in cities such as New York, San Diego, San Francisco, Long Beach, Aptos, St. George, Lompoc, Steamboat Springs, Santa Rosa, Oatman, Big Sur, Tahoe, Berlin and Hawaii.
Quote: “I can come in last and still feel like a winner. Come to think of it, there have been races where I have been last and have been the winner.”

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