Protect Your Kids’ Eyes

Protect Your Kids’ Eyes
This isn’t strictly running, though the implications apply to runners as well as thier kids. Research by Loren Cordain and Jennie Brand Miller (New Scientist 6 April 2002) suggests that diets rich in refined and easily-digested starches (breads, breakfast cereals, potatoes) can cause permanent short-sightedness in children. The growth of the eye is a delicate process, and if it grows too long the lens can’t focus the image on the back of the eye. Short-sightedness (myopia) results. It’s well-established that fast-digesting starches – bagels, breads, cereals, processed rice, potatoes, pastas – cause the pancreas to pump out more insulin. It’s also known that high insulin levels lead to a fall in insulin binding protein-3. Cordain’s and Brand Miller’s work suggests that lowered levels of the latter could interfere with the body’s ability to coordinate the growth of the eye. Broad epidemiological evidence supports the idea; the researchers are now doing lab experiments. In the mean time, reading about glycemic index (the technical term for how fast starches hit the bloodstream) my save your children’s eyes.

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