Range of Motion Excavation for Runners with Christina Klein

Do you ever wonder if your range of motion is limiting you from achieving your best performance in your racing or training? Do you ever experience any kind of lower back or hip pain, hamstring tightness or pain radiating up or down your leg? If you said YES! to any of these, this workshop is for you.
This workshop is focused on learning what movements are preventing you from maximizing your run so that you can improve your running time and efficiency while also looking at where pain in your lower extremities can be relieved from a few simple exercises based on YOUR OWN current range of motion.
Join Manual Movement Therapist, Christina Klein of Locomotion Therapy as she helps you experience what movements are limiting you from performing you favorite daily activities with strength and leaves you with tools to be free from pain. Christina’s primary influence is Neurokinetic Therapy, Anatamy in Motion and Active Release Technique. These three techniques combined allow her to understand and alleviate dysfunction that can affect the body’s ability to move to it’s maximum potential.
Saturday April 14th, 2-4pm
Cost  $40
“For several months, I have experienced an intense amount of pain in my lower back that was holding me back from practicing yoga and running-two things I love! I felt grumpy and stuck not to be able to do what I wanted and no other treatments were working (including resting, chiropractic, massage). Christina gave me a few simple exercises to help improve the mobility and stability in my feet and ankles and has alleviated intense pain in my lower back. I’m now back to practicing yoga and running daily with increased mileage and my spirit is in a much happier place.” ~Adrienne Smith
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