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Dec 5, 2004 Added Goleta Rotary to results.
Dec 4, 2004 Correction to M45-49. Removed Suzuki from Thanksgiving 5-Mi. Switched 1st place with Tim Mock... for now.
Nov 29, 2004 Added Thanksgiving 4-Miler to standings.
Nov 11, 2004 Removed SBHM points for T.Brown (W55-59)and M.Hansen (W60-65). No changes in ranking.
Nov 7, 2004 Added Half Marathon Run results.
Oct 5, 2004 Added Avocado Run results.
Sept 8, 2004 Removed Sam Johnson from P2P. Fixed Alvin Salge's P2P time.
Sept 6, 2004 Added Pier to Peak Half Marathon
August 27, 2004 Added McConnell's and NM Aug 25 5k. Sorry about the delay. Travel and hurricanes messed me up..
July 25, 2004 Added J.Lawton(F50-54) to NYRR.
July 7, 2004 Added Johnson boys to SSM
July 5, 2004 Added Semana Nautica results
July 3, 2004 Added M.Worthington (M18/Und) to roster and to Vicki's 3k & SSM.
July 3, 2004 Removed L.Udden M50-54 from SSM results.
July 3, 2004 Added R.Philbrick M70/Ovr to SSM results. Corrected SSM times for Des O'Neil & Ed Graper, but no change in points.
June 28, 2004 State Street Mile results are posted.
June 27, 2004 Added Victor Ornelas (M18_Under), Steve McGowan (M40-44) to roster.
June 23, 2004 Added Willy Rossow (M40-44) to Vickis; 3000 results.
June 21, 2004 Vickis; 3000 results.
May 16, 2004 Added L.Reynolds (M45-49) to roster & to NM#1.
May 16, 2004 Added R.Garratt (M40-44) to roster,. to SB 10 Miler, & to NM#1.
May 16, 2004 Added B. Bittencourt (M35-39) to roster & to NM#1.
May 16, 2004 Added N.Johnson (M18/Un) to NM#1
May 16, 2004 Added P.Posch (W50-54) to Nite Moves # 1.
May 9, 2004 Added Nite Moves # 1- 5k results.
May 2, 2004 Added LawDay 15k results.
May 1, 2004 Added K.O'Bar (M50-54) La Playa & SB10mi. Added E.Berg (F18), R.Berg (M47), G.Horner (M49) to roster, and K.Nielsen (F42) to roster.
Apr 22, 2004 Added T.Cotti (M40-44) to roster & La Playa & SB10mi.
Apr 21, 2004 Added SB Ten Miler results to the standing.
Apr 11, 2004 Removed D.Groom M(50-54) from GP. Was accidentely registered early. Added L.Lauderdale (W30-34) to NYRR and la Playa.
Mar 30, 2004 Added R. Ramirez (M35-39) to O2O. Added F. Maggiore (M45-49) to O2O. Added P. Phillips (M65-59) to NYRR. Added J. Kornell (M50-54) to NYRR, La Playa, & O2O. Added J.Bianchi (M60-64) to O2O.
Mar 23, 2004 Added I. Teichman (M55-59) to O2O. Added M. McNees to NYRR.
Mar 21, 2004 Fixed some roster & results problems. Added D. O'neil (M6064) to NYRR & La Playa. Corrected M. Rheinschild (W3539) age group for La Playa. Added M. Burch to La Playa. Added some new roster members (M. Dungan M5054, A. Gillen M1929, S. Harding M3034, G. Milliken M5054) effective O2O.
Mar 21, 2004 Added the Orchard to Ocean results.
Mar 20, 2004 The link to the current standings was still pointing to 2003. Been fixed.
Mar 18, 2004 Posted results from NYRR & Roses to la Playa.
Mar 13, 2004 Set up 2004 Grand Prix. Waiting for final roster from Brennand.

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