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Mar 11, 2006 Correct final standings for M5054. Mike Dungan and John Clinton both tied with 6400 points. The tie-breaker policy puts John in 2nd place and Mike and 3rd. Results were corrected to reflect this. Sorry guys.
Dec 8, 2005 Added Scott Deardorff (M40-44) to Goleta Rotary 10k,
Dec 4, 2005 Added Goleta Noontime Rotary 10k results..
Nov 25, 2005 Removed Shigy Suzuki (M45-49) from Thanksgiving Four Miler.
Nov 24, 2005 Added Thanksgiving Four Miler.
Nov 11, 2005 HM Corrections added: Karen Beerman (F45-49), John Brinker (M55-59), Barbara DaFoe (F55-59), George Harrower (M70+)
Nov 6, 2005 Added Half Marathon results.
Oct 27, 2005 Added Steve Rider (M19-29) to Fall XC.
Oct 24, 2005 Re-processed Psipsina's Fall Cross Country Run. A software glitch left out all male racers. Sorry!
Oct 23, 2005 Added Psipsina's Fall Cross Country Run to results and standings.
Oct 13, 2005 Added Garrett Ince (MEN_19-29) to Avocado.
Oct 06, 2005 Added Ed McGready (M65-69) to Avocado.
Oct 03, 2005 Added Avocado Run 4mi to results and standings
Sep 10, 2005 Removed Tara Brown from P2P. She was put in the results by my mistake.
Sep 8, 2005 Added P2P Results to standing.
Sep 3, 2005 Removed Kevin Young from NM#2.
Aug 31, 2005 Found a bug in the routine that calcs totals. The NM#2 was not being added in. I've fixed it. Sorry.
Aug 31, 2005 Added Stu Sherman to NM#2. Added Stephen Hamlin to NM#2.
Aug 30, 2005 Added Nite Moves from Aug 24. Sorry about the delay. I was busy with the SB Tri..
Aug 30, 2005 Added P.Freeland (W60-64) to McConnells. Added D.Tryk (M30-34) to roster and McConnells and NM#2.
Aug 21, 2005 Added McConnels 5K to standings.
Jul 11, 2005 Added S.Sherman (M45-49), P.Freeland(W60-64) to roster and both to SN.
Jul 6, 2005 Added Semana Nautica to results.
Jul 6, 2005 Added C.Johnson (F60-64) to roster.
Jun 22, 2005 Added M.Perkins (F55-59) to roster and SSM.
Jun 20, 2005 Added C.Hughes (M50-54) to roster and Roses, NM1, and SSM.
Jun 20, 2005 Added State Street Mile results.
Jun 19, 2005 Added E.North (WOM_40-44) to roster and NM#1. Added L.Schumaker (M53) and A.Crowe (M11) to roster.
Jun 18, 2005 Received corrected time for Arnerich (MEN_60_64) and others at Vicki's 3000. No place changes were effected.
Jun 13, 2005 Added to Vicki's 3000: Philbrick (MEN_70/OVER), Musser (MEN_35-39), Clancy (MEN_55-59).
Jun 11, 2005 Added Vicki's 3000 to results.
May 15, 2005 Added S.Hamlim (M50-54) to roster and NM#1.
May 08, 2005 Added Nite Moves from May 04 to results and standings.
May 03, 2005 Added S.Miley (M40-44) to roster & NYRR & Chardonnay 10miler. Added I.Miley (M18/Under) to roster & NYRR.
Apr 20, 2005 Added M.Goode (F30-34) to roster & Chardonnay 10miler. Added D.Larson (M45) and L.Gowdy (F44) to roster.
Apr 19, 2005 Added Chardonnay 10miler.
Apr 19, 2005 Added Don Truex (M65-69) to Law Day.
Mar 20, 2005 Added Jay Hennigen M50-54 effective NYRR. Ranked 3rd place.
Mar 19, 2005 Fixed problem in Men 18-Under.
Mar 18, 2005 A few more fixes. Completed the calendar too.
Mar 15, 2005 Lots of fixes!!! I added a bunch of missing people to the roster, and made some corrections here and there.
Mar 13, 2005 Posted results from Orchard to Ocean
Mar 12, 2005 Added missing athletes to roster and added their times to event results. Elizabeth Werhane (25F) to Roses & LD; AMY FREASE (48F) to Roses; Rose Marie Rockenbach (66F) to NYRR, Roses, & LD ;Steve Rider (25M) Roses & LD; Joe DeVreese (37M) to NYRR & Roses; Monica DeVreese (31F) NYRR; Maggie Mason (48F) Roses & LD
Mar 11, 2005 Posted results from Law Day
Mar 11, 2005 Posted results from Roses to La Playa
Mar 11, 2005 Posted results from NYRR
Mar 11, 2005 Set up 2005 Grand Prix

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