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04-Dec-2006 Corrected Goleta Rotary results
Ooops! A bug in the total software resulted in the Goleta Rotary not being factored into the totals. I've reposted the correct results. The totals are correct now, and it impacted the placement of 4 groups of people
03-Dec-2006 Goleta Rotary posted
Posted results from Goleta Noontime Rotary 10k.
29-Nov-2006 Correction to Thankgiving
Added Lee Scheuermann (F44) to Thanksgiving 4-Miler results.
28-Nov-2006 Correction to Thankgiving
Added Liz Lauderdale to Thanksgiving 4-Miler results.
28-Nov-2006 Correction to NYRR
Added Matt Ruane (M30-34) to NYRR.
27-Nov-2006 Correction to Thankgiving
Posted results from Thanksgiving 4-Miler.
12-Nov-2006 Correction to HM
Added Liz Lauderdale to HM results.
08-Nov-2006 Correction to HM
Posted results from Half Marathon.
08-Nov-2006 Correction to Rose-to-La Playa
Added Kim Burnell (F25) to Roses to La Playa.
19-Oct-2006 Reposted Fall XC
Posted corrections to Fall XC. Added Lis Lewis (F46) and Liz Groom (F34) to results. Added 2 minutes to Larry Suhr's (M62) time.
15-Oct-2006 Posted Fall XC
Posted results from Fall XC.
04-Oct-2006 Corrections to Carp Avocado
Added Cooper Johnson (M18/Und) to Avocado. Switched John Stein(M50-54) & Sterling Ellsworth (M40-44) places in finish for Avocado. No rankings were affected by these corrections.
02-Oct-2006 Posted Avocado
Posted results from Carp Avocado Run.
02-Oct-2006 Correction to P2P
Corrected results from P2P Half Mar. - Removed Sam Johnson
09-Sep-2006 Posted P2P
Posted results from P2P Half Mar.
01-Sep-2006 Correction to Nite Moves
Added Austin Corrigan to Nite Moves Aug -23 results.
24-Aug-2006 Correction to Nite Moves
Posted results from Nite Moves 08/23 5k.
22-Aug-2006 Posted McConnells
Posted results from Sunday's McConnell's 10k. Sorry about the delay. I was travelling.
16-Jul-2006 Correction to SSM
Fixed time for Brittany Braden (F16) SSM.
16-Jul-2006 Updated GP roster
Was given a GP roster update. There are 8 new members, some with retroactive credits Jeff Devine (M37) to SB-10-Mi, SN; Clay Hunt (M32) to SB-10-Mi; Wyatt Talley (M28) to SB-10-Mi; Patti Daly (F41) to NM#1, Moms-Day; Travis Madsen (M29); Chrissy Faulding (F18) to SSM, SN; Michael Dungan (M53) to SN; Robin Taliaferro (M61).
11-Jul-2006 Corrections to SN
Added Liz Groom-Lauderdale (F35) to SN. Added Susan Ziegler (F58) to SN.
10-Jul-2006 Posted SN
Posted results from the Semana Nautica 15k.
09-Jul-2006 Corrections to SSM
Added Christopher Braden (M15), Brittany Braden (F16), and Cindy Braden (F42) to roster and SSM results.
19-Jun-2006 Reposted SSM
Received a new set of results for the State Street Mile. There were a lot a changes. 7 GP members were added to the SSM results BITTANCOURT, BILL (M39), TRYK, DAVID (M35), DEVORE, SCOTT (M28), JOHNSON, BERKELEY (M44), JOHNSON, NICK (M11), GROOM, LIZ (F34), BITTANCOURT, MADDY (F05)
13-Jun-2006 Posted SSM
Posted results from the State Street Mile.
12-Jun-2006 Correction to Vicki's
Added Lee Scheuermann (M43) to Vicki's 3000.
10-Jun-2006 Posted Vicki's
Posted results from the Vicki's 3000.
10-Jun-2006 Corrections to SM-10mi
Added Dave Groom (M56) to roster and toSb Ten-Miler, NM#1. Added Keith Perkins (M61) to roster. Added Austin Corrigan (M12) to Mom's Day.
14-May-2006 Posted Mothers Day
Posted results from the Mothers Day 10K.
07-May-2006 Correction to Nite Moves
Had Michelle McToldridge (F31) and Melissa Goode (F31) switched on NM#1. Corrected.
06-May-2006 Correction to Nite Moves
Posted results from the Note Moves #1.
01-May-2006 Corrections to SM-10mi
Added K.Gambetta's (F41) SB Ten Mile results to standings..
29-Apr-2006 Posted SB 10-mi
Posted results from the Santa Barbara Ten-Miler.
27-Mar-2006 Various corrections
Added Jim Curriden (M47) to Roses & LD; Added Kevin Young (M48) to LD & O2O; Added Larry Suhr (M62) to NYRR, Roses, LD, & O2O.
23-Mar-2006 Reposted O2O
Was given revised results from Orchard To Ocean 10K; Added Kim Burnell (F25) to roster and O2O; Added Susan Ziegler (F57) to roster; Added Jim Sloan (M48) to roster and O2O; Added Paulette Posch (F65) to roster O2O; Added Maria Perkins (F59) to roster and O2O; Added Cathy Kennedy (F54) to roster and O2O; Added Stephen Hamlin (M50) to roster; Added Jim Curriden (M47) to roster and O2O;
19-Mar-2006 Posted O2O
Posted results from Orchard To Ocean 10K.
17-Mar-2006 Various corrections
Added Jim Kruidenier (M45) to roster and to NYRR. Roses. Added John Clinton (M55) to roster and to NYRR, Roses, LD. Added Kathy Gambetta to roster and to LD. Added Annie Toth (F26) to rister and to LD. Added Liz Lauderdale (F34) to roster and to NYRR and Roses.
14-Mar-2006 Various corrections
Added Todd Booth (M36) to roster and to NYRR. Roses, LD. Added Pauline Freeland (F65) to roster and to NYRR.
12-Mar-2006 Posted results from first 3 events
Posted results from NYRR, Roses to La Playa, and Law Day.
11-Mar-2006 Welcome to 2006!
Set up 2006 Grand Prix

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