Results-Lasse Viren 20k

Results-Lasse Viren 20k: The heat was on in Sycamore Canyon!
Santa Barbara was well represented in the overall rankings by
Marcelo Mejia Perez,1:16:47 2nd place Overall (1st M35-39) and
Tori Taylor, 1:21:31 1st place Female, 5th place Overall, (1st F25-29)
Mariann Thomas 1:36:28 1st F45-49
Melissa Marsted 1:38:55 2nd F45-49
Michael Dungan 1:40:09 2nd M60-64
Jannine Tuttle 1:43:02 1st F35-39
Jennifer Miller 1:46:07 2nd F35-39
Jasper van de Meulen, age 11 of Goleta ran 1:46:12 2nd M0-19 out sprinting his dad for the finish!
Many other familiar faces took part in this fun, well organized event by Josh Spiker.
Complete results overall and age graded are found here.

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