Rim to Rim to Rim…. tales from 48 miles across the Grand Canyon

There were 12 of us that did the Grand Canyon R2R2R (South Rim to North Rim and Back): Elda Rudd, Ida Kane, Karen Christensen, Kary O’Brien, Terra Hillyer, Patty Bryant, Gina Fennell, Dan Rudd, Mark Fennell, Matt Dubberley, Daniel Scarberry, Chris Hillyer and your’s truly. And 3 that did the R2r2R (rim to river and back, no small feat by any standard) Charity Dubberley, Michael McDonald and Haley Anderson. We started at 4:35 am and headed down the So. Kaibab trail and then crossed the river and ran along the bottom of the canyon for 7-8 miles then climbed up to the the North Rim (8,000 feet) at 21 miles. We then turned around and headed back, coming up a different trail (the bright angel trail) to the South Rim. The total distance was 46.5 – 47.5 depending on which wrong turn you took and who’s watch you used. Chris was the first back, followed by Dan, Matt, Kary, Mark, Jim, Terra, Karen, Gina, Elda, Ida, Patty. The last arriving after 1:00 am (over 20 hours on the trail!!!). Even though everyone had an incredibly hard day and was beat we all showed up at the top of the trail to welcome and congratulate Elda, Ida and Patty at 1:00am. You should of heard us whooping and cheering, I’m sure those trying to sleep near by didn’t appreciate it!  It was a long, tough, beautiful day (and night). Running that long with over 11,000 feet of vertical climbing (and an equal amount of descending), temperature swings from 30 at the start to 90 at the bottom and the beauty of the Grand Canyon was something none of us will every forget. (Jim Sloan)

danny & jim elda patty ida finish hotel north rim view

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  1. Elizabeth - May 4, 2013, 10:48 am

    You guys are awesome, amazing, and inspiring.

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