Romero Canyon

Romero Canyon

Freeway to Sheffield Drive. Toward mountains, all the way out to E. Vallley. Left at the stop sign, then first right (almost immediately) onto Romero Canyon. About 3/4 mile up, curve right to stay on Romero Canyon. At junction with Bella Vista, turn right and park near the stream crossing. To do the full loop, run up the fire road to the top; drop down onto Camino Cielo going east (to your right facing the road from the trail), and almost immediately leave the road for the trail – the road curves down and to the left, you go straight (and up). Follow the trail until it splits – one branch follows the ridge line, the other drops down. Go down and follow the trail all the way back. You’ll cross the utility road once, about half-way up; then emerge onto it near the bottom. When you do, turn right and head back down. Often estimated at 11 miles, approximate elevation gain 2000′.

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