SBAA Interview with Jenni Miller as she gets ready for the Boston Marathon!

SBAA Interview with Jenni Miller as she gets ready for the Boston Marathon!

What was your qualifying race for Boston 2016?

CIM – California International Marathon.

What is your marathon PR?


Do you have any funny training stories to share?

Nothing really funny to share except that I have an uncanny knack of butt dialing, texting and messaging people during my runs.

How long have you been running?

My first marathon was in 2001 but I’ve been running since I can remember.

What running shoes do you wear?

Mizuno – Wave Rider.  LOVE them.

What is your average weekly mileage when you are not training for a marathon?

Around 30 miles a week.

What is your weekly mileage like when you are training for Boston?

35-40 mpw if I’m lucky. I’m training for Ironman Lake Placid right now so a lot of my time is spent on my bike.

Who are your running heroes?

Stephanie Bruce.  I love seeing her comeback after having two children and being honest and forthcoming about how tough it can be.

Who are your local running heroes?

Patty Bryant hands down.

Any other funny story you’d like to share?

My kids are so great when it comes to my training. When Chloe was really little she used to ask me if I won my race.  There’s no chance of that so now at her wise old age of 5 she asks me if I’ve won my age group.

What makes Boston special to me?

I ran Boston in 2013 when the bombings happened. My kids were 1 and 2 and my parents and husband were there.  It was a day we will never forget.  Since then we made a pact as a family that we will go to Boston and I will run the marathon every year that I can qualify.  It is a very special trip for us.

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