Social (common) and Sexual (not common) Monogamy

Hot rocks mating. Female lizards in Arizona prefer the big, strong guys to mate with. However, when researchers moved the best basking rocks from the big guys’ to the littler guys’ territories, the females followed the good rocks, dumping the big guys for their smaller competitors. Better housing. However, when the researchers followed up with DNA testing of offspring, it turned out the females had snuck back to the big guys to get pregnant – with males. They dallied with the smaller guys to get pregnant with females, though.
In a totally unrelated note, high-status human males have more male offspring than low-status males – or probably more accurately stated, females who mate with high-status males have more male offspring, since there’s some evidence that women may determine the gender of their children. One wonders if as there are increasing numbers of autonomously high-status females, whether the male/female ratios amongst high-status pairs will change…
However, it’s obvious the idea that a human male’s offer of a particular kind of rock to a human female might influence her choice of mating behavior is absurd. (11/18)

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