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Steve_Vickys_2009When possible, we include a photo of each month’s Profile, but rarely do we include more than a single photo. However, given the differences of these two photos of Steve Miley and the races they represent, we thought it was appropriate to include both.

As Steve Miley notes in his comments, he is relatively new to running. Unlike some who limit themselves to a particular distance, Steve appears to enjoy virtually every distance. Case in point: one of the photos is from the State Street Mile, one of Steve’s favorite local races. The other is from last year’s Nine Trails, a 35 mile trail run that has been known to both humble and hobble many a local runner.

In addition to running in and enthusiastically supporting virtually every local race, Steve also represents one-half of a leading father/son Grand Prix team. His son Ian (age 12) has already distinguished himself as an unofficial photographer for several events (remember those great digital photos from last year’s La Cumbre to La Playa race?); as of press time, Ian was in first place in the 18 and over division of the Grand Prix.

Name: Steve Miley
Age: 42 (2004)
Nicknames: Smiley
Hometown: Ojai
Favorite Food: Chocolate and Ice Cream, but I can’t eat ice cream, I’ve been blessed with food allergies that help me with weight control, no gluten (wheat, barley, oats, rye), soy, eggs or dairy. So I eat lots of corn, rice and chicken and salsa.

Employment: Manager of Instructional Computer Labs at UCSB.
Family: Wife Megan (married 14 years), two boys (Ian – 12, Jay – 9) and our 1 year old golden retriever Tucker.

Other sports, hobbies, interests, etc.: Kayaking (Ocean tour, Ocean surf, river), biking, reading, and now am doing Pilates.
My friends describe me as: eternally optimistic, positive, encouraging, determined; then I get some descriptions of silly, a whiner and rude at times.
My trademark expression is: “Just go forward”. I mainly just use this for myself, when I start to think of what I could have done in the past.
If money were not a consideration: I would love to: start/participate in a center for sustainable peace/existence on earth.

In the next 5 years, I hope to: increase my flexibility so that I’m able to touch my toes, but I wouldn’t mind simplifying my life by getting rid of 50% of my 42 years of “guys stuff” I’ve collected.
In the next 10 years, I hope to: win some local races in my age group and have raised my boys so that I feel I’ve helped them attain the life skills to excel or just survive in life.
Accomplishments: I’ve done some mild adventures including bike touring around the western states and up to Alaska, skiied from Mammoth to Yosemite and paddled from Goleta beach to Santa Cruz island. I’m also pretty proud that I’ve held my weight and fitness for the last three years; I used to be a bit overweight.

Favorite Distance and PR (post collegiate): I’m still trying to figure this out. I like the mile, but I really like running a fast 400, but then I had a great time on Nine Trails.
Best Race and Why: Ventura 1/2 Marathon, it was a training run for the recent Big Sur marathon, I held a steady pace for the first 6 miles, then accelerated over the next 7 miles dropping a minute off my initial mile pace by the end finishing very strong. Plus, both my parents were there to see me finish.
Worst Race and Why: Chardonnay a few years ago, I had put on two different shoes and I had bronchitis. I started to fast, I finished very slow.
Average Weekly Mileage (last 12 months): 35-40.
Favorite Local Race: The State Street Mile is great!
Most Memorable Running Experience: Running with one of my running partners Randy Berg in the local foothills, cresting the mountain tops, seeing what a beautiful place we live in.
Favorite Place to Run: Elwood Mesa- the views are great; the running terrain soft.
Glory Days PR:
Still yet to come. I just started this running adventure a few years ago so I am just getting to the “glory days”.

Realistic Running Goals for this Year: sub 19:00 5K
Wildly Optimistic Running Goals for this year: sub 38 10K
Lifetime Running Goals: Stay healthy, keep running on trails and in the mountains.

Local Running Heroes & Why: I don’t think I have any specific hero, I’m quite proud of everyone who I see out running. When I see balance in runners (other activities), I’m always impressed.
Personal Training Tips: drink warm caffeinated beverages before the morning run; trust your body on how it feels.
Why I Run: Health, stress relief, social, it is something I’m good at; plus I like buying more shoes than my wife.
I love runners who: make running look easy
I don’t care for runners who: trip me in the beginning of a race.
Suggestions for local races: marathon in SB? 5k – 10K trail races
Suggestions for SBAA: organize walk/run fitness programs for seniors (as John Feeley is close to a senior and quite fit, I’m sure he’d volunteer), training camp during the summer at Willy Rossow’s ranch, SBAA window stickers

My views on: My 15 minutes of fame: A funny thing that happened to me once. I was practicing my Eskimo roll in the ocean off of Goleta Beach during my lunch hour. (I then worked at Deckers Outdoors; they encouraged long lunches doing outdoor type things). When I flipped up, there was a plane slowly sinking in the water, propeller in the water, rudder in the sky about 100 yards from me. It was the weirdest thing to see, being a little disoriented from all the water in my ears and eyes. So I helped rescue the guy who crashed his plane in the ocean (he ran out of gas), then went back to practicing my rolls.

Favorite Quote: “Do not worry about your difficulties in Mathematics. I can assure you mine are still greater.” — Albert Einstein

SBAA Member since: 2001


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