Stuart Sato

Stuart Sato

Stuart Sato in 2007 at the half marathon.

Stuart Sato is the type of runner, triathete and community volunteer that you gotta love–unless you are a snobby, elitist runner or one who enjoyed the 1992 Ventura 30K and thinks the t-shirt is attractive. (See details below for explanation).

Stuart is one of those local athletes who has been participating in local running, swimming and triathlon events for years. He has consistently improved in all events and without fanfare, he has given his time and effort to support the community. In 1993 Stuart create the great logo for the Santa Barbara Half Marathon that appeared on the t-shirts and plaques awarded to top finishers. He also has been very active in the “Friends of Los Banos Del Mar Pool”. My sources tell me that his training regimen includes running on State Street at 5am during the week, and he has been sighted from time to time doing “secret speed work” at the track at La Playa Stadium.

Personally, my fondest memories of Stuart are from the “good old days”. I frequently would see Stuart ahead of me during a race, catch up with him and conduct an in-depth one-way conversation (with Stuart’s words generally limited to “hey man, how can you talk so much running up a hill?”), and then finish ahead of Stuart. Stuart and I still enter the same events and I still talk a lot during races, but unfortunately, I now only see Stuart at the start and the finish, where he often has enjoyed a leisurely post-race meal before I cross the finish line.

Basic Information

Name: Stuart Sato
Age: 38 (1996) that is 54 in 2012
Employment: Dentist
Family: Ripley, 5 1/2 years,
Tux 4 years,
Ellen, 30 something
Other Sports/Interests: Ocean swimming, triathlons, skiing.

Running Highlights:

Favorite Distance & PR: 15K to half marathon, PR 59:07 15K
Best Race & why: 1993 Catalina Maraton. Running it in 4 hours, it was by far my slowest time but I was coming off an injury and was only running about 10 miles a week. I was happy I was able to finish and actually felt pretty good
Worst Race & why: 1992 Ventura 30K – I didn’t drink the entire race and “bonked” big time. Plus, the t-shirt was so ugly I couldn’t even give it away at a garage sale.
Average Weekly Mileage (last 12 months): 25-30
Favorite Local Race: Resolution Day Run — The 1991 race was my first running race ever, so I feel partial to this race.
Goals (Realistic) for 1996: Sub-18 minute 5K, sub-38 minute 10K
Goals (Wildly Optimistic) before Year 2000: Sub-3hr marathon, qualify for the Hawaii Ironman, be awarded the coveted black socks from Joe Howell.
Why I Run: I love running in the early morning. It’s quiet, peacefull and a great time for personal introspection
My Runner Hero & Why: I have three: Patsy Dorsey – I have never seen her not smiling and having a great time during a race. She cheers for everyone, fast or slow.
Duncan Thomas: What can I say, the guy’s a stud.
Tux the dog: The ultimate training partner, never gets tired, runs just slightly faster than your comfort level, always enthusiastic (even at 5 a.m.!)
Personal Training Tips Weight train 3 times per week. Ride your bike to work. Don’t overdo it.
I love (hate) runners who: I love runners who enjoy competing and don’t take things too seriously. I hate snobby, elitist runners.
Suggestions for the SBAA: Hold more races like the Avia Scramble.
My views: Support your local races!! Santa Barbara is very fortunate to have so many races to choose from and the race directors do such a great job. So many runners won’t compete because they are too concerned about setting a new PR every time they toe the line. Just go out there and enjoy being outdoors, enjoy your friends, and just have some fun.
Favorite Run: West Camino Cielo – 30K round trip from the gun club to Santa Ynez peak and back. The run is all on a dirt road with hills and spectacular views of the Pacific and Lake Cachuma. Bring lots of water though, the weather can be extreme!
Quote: “So many people aim for nothing in life and hit their target with amazing accuracy.”

by Joe Howell

Stuart Sato’s Races

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