The Clif Bar Mountains2Beach Marathon and Half Marathon

We just call it the Ojai Marathon but I guess sponsors want their due.  Anyways, Santa Barbara and Goleta represented big time down south.  Races started at 6am and it is a decent drive to get there so you understand the dedication of these early risers.  The top three finishers from Santa Barbara in the marathon were all female with Jill Himlan running 2:55:25 (3rd female), Stacey Bailey 3:13:05 and Deanna Odell at 3:18:14.

On the Half Marathon side, Ramiro (Curly) Guillen was first overall male at 1:09:24 while Joy Moats took first female in 1:17:09.

Results have not been posted yet on the race website but you can find them here on the timing website

Bonus:  You can search by city so you don’t have to pretend to be interested in what Joey Knuckles in Redondo Beach ran…

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