The SBAA’s Position on Performance Enhancing Drugs

Recently there has been talk of performance enhancing drug (PEDs) use in the Santa Barbara running community. This isn’t the first time this has come up (and I suspect it won’t be the last).  Since this has put a spotlight on this issue, I’d like to take the opportunity to remind everyone of the SBAA’s position and policy on the use of prohibited substances and methods. All of our members are required to follow United States Track and Field (USATF) and United States Anti Doping Administration (USADA) rules regarding drug use and competitive fairness. It is the responsibility of all club members, and everyone who enters our races or participates in club-sanctioned training, to know (and follow) USATF and USADA guidelines on prohibited substances and methods and those allowed under the Therapeutic Use Exemption. (Please see the links below for complete information).

The SBAA is a small town running group whose members pride themselves in working hard and having fun through running. We try to conduct ourselves with the highest integrity and make our races as fair as possible. The Club is managed by your friends and fellow athletes.  We volunteer our time to help make running fun, safe, fair and competitive. However, we are not equipped nor experienced enough to get involved in monitoring PED use. Should anyone suspect prohibited drug use and wish to take further action, they should contact the proper authorities be it law enforcement or the USADA.

Let’s all just keep running fun!

Jim Sloan, SBAA President


USADA Athletes Handbook:


USADA Examples of Prohibited Substances and Methods:


USADA Policy for Therapeutic Use Exemptions

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