Tim McCollum

Well, this month we are fortunate to finally feature someone who Joe Howell thought would never appear in the SBAA Newsletter profile. This person has been as secretive and evasive as any member in the history of the SBAA. Maybe there is a connection between that and his former career? It is none other than the famous/infamous Mr. Blob aka Wildman.

Mr. Blob has made his mark in several different arenas. First of all, he has been to more Tuesday night track workouts than anyone except Coach. He has also had more coffee at the Sojourner Café than anyone, ever. Lastly, he holds the record for running more miles being totally oblivious to everything around him. Does this guy sound focused? Apparently this tunnel vision also holds true with his eating habits as you will see in this month’s profile. Running and eating are two things Mr. Blob does not take lightly.

Basic Information
Name: Mr. Blob
Age: Unknown

Personal Information – Basic
Employment: Member of Board of Directors of the Ya-Ya’s, president of Blob’s Anonymous.
Family: Cat – Dolly (aka Porky)
Other Sports/Interests/Hobbies: Eating (of course). Swimming, as it is easy to float with all the blubber.

Personal Information – Additional
My friends describe me as: Laid back, easy going.
My trademark expression is: “another cup of coffee” or “pass the biscuits”
If money were not a consideration, I would love to: Be rich.
Goals, in the next five years: Survive.
In the next ten years: Survive some more.
Accomplishments, I am really proud of the fact that …: I’ve never been to prison.

Running Highlights
Favorite distance & PR at same: 100 yd. Dash in 10 minutes, although that might be pushing it.
Best Race and Why: In my trimmer days it was Nite Moves series, but that was so long ago I can’t remember why. Oh yeah, it was the food afterwards.
Favorite Local Race: State Street Mile as I benefit from gravity and can pretty much roll down State Street.
Worst Race and why: Pier to Peak – never done it, but it makes me tremble just thinking about it.
Average Weekly Mileage: 1 mile if I am lucky.
Running Goals (wildly optimistic) for this year: Finish a race!
Running Goals (Lifetime): Lose massive quantities of weight and resign the presidency of Blob’s Anonymous.

Additional Running Information
Why I run: To maintain my slim figure.
My Local Runner Hero & Why: Dan Cornet (aka Lard Ass) because he is the only runner as slow as myself and can also relate to “blobness”.
Personal Training Tips: Run as little as possible, rest excessively, constantly carbo load.
I love runners who …: Run less than me.
Suggestions for local races: Forget the Clydesdale division, we need an Obese Division.
Suggestion for SBAA: Instead of age-graded results we need weight-graded results.
Quote(on running, life, whatever): “Eat to your heart’s delight”.

SBAA member since 1994.

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