West Camino Cielo

West Camino Cielo. Rt. 154 (San Marcos Pass) to Kinevan Ranch/W. Camino Cielo, on your left going up, about a mile short of the top. Drive to the end of the asphalt, maybe four miles. When you reach the Winchester Gun Club, you’re there (just past the trail to Lizard’s Mouth). Don’t forget your @#$% “We can fly the Vice-President around to shoot ducks but we can’t afford to let you park on the side of the road Adventure pass.” Usually estimated as a 17-mile round trip, though National Geographic Topo softwre has it at over 19. You run W. Camino Cielo, all dirt, down for a mile or so, then gently up for the remainder until you reach Santa Ynez Peak (past Broadcast peak, so-called for reasons that will be obvious when you get there). Run past the peak to get to the road to the top. The uphill is gentle enough that you don’t realize how much of it there is until you run back down. If it’s hot at all, bring lots of fluids.

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